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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday~ "Wearable Wilma"

For this installment of the 'Animated Angels' series, I chose Wilma Flintstone. I love how classy she remained in spite of the bare feet and rock necklace. Plus, what about that swirly up do?

My interpretation of Wilma is much more wearable than my Minnie Mouse look! I started w/ very neutral makeup and kicked it up with a bold pop of 'Dino' purple, by way of the liner.
Something I realized when I was doing my research for this look is that Wilma has purple lips in almost every picture I found...so the liner was an easy way to tie the eyes to the lips.

For the hair, I opted not to do a predictable top knot, since I felt this could end up looking more 'Pebbles' than 'Wilma' pretty quickly. So I took my inspiration from her signature 'swirls' at the sides and came up w/ an elegant and very simple asymmetrical chignon.

The final look is something that would work for evening but which would still call to mind that elegant barefoot broad. :)

Video Tutorial below:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Movie Review Monday~'Jezebel' (1938)

Directed by: William Wyler
Starring: Bette Davis, Fay Bainter, and Henry Fonda

I can't watch a William Wyler movie and NOT review it. He's one of my favorite directors of all time and his catalogue is next to none. This movie is not one of his best movies but it is undoubtedly the one that made Bette Davis a formidable screen presence. It is no wonder that she was so requested for the part of Scarlett O'Hara after having pulled this off, since she too portrays a spoiled, rebellious southern belle. Though this film will never live up to Gone With the Wind's 'technicolor' payoff, it carries alot of weight on it's own and is worth watching if for no other reason than to revel in the power of Bette's oscar winning role. Her somewhat surprising transformation, from the daring and impulsive flirt that dared to wear red to the Liberty Ball into the strong and self sacrificing lady she becomes, is a joy to behold. Henry Fonda is a bit deadpan here, leaving us to wonder why Julie was so enamoured of him. However, the story resonates and it is a film that will stand the test of time.
My rating: 8/10

Style Factor: The costumes in this film are astonishing, especially when you consider the black and white cinematography. The men are dressed impeccably and the women are hoop-skirted to the extreme. That famous red dress that Julie wears to the Liberty Ball is still effective, in spite of the lack of color. So kudos to costume designer Orry Kelly, and all those wonderful UNCREDITED hair and makeup artists who made this film ten times better than it otherwise would have been.

Style Factor: 8

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sponsor Salute~ Heyday Clothing

I love to look over the websites of my friendly sponsors to see what they have that is new. I wanted to call your attention to these trousers however, not because they are new or because they are exquisitely modeled by Fleur De Guerre, but because they are so perfect for warm weather! And the price is very reasonable...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Loveliest Viewer Mail of All...

Today in my youtube messages, I got the sweetest mail of all. Usually, I open my mail to the normal influx of requests, questions, and not-so-friendly suggestions. Today, I got one of those notes that makes me rediscover why I started making videos and why I enjoy doing what I do, without pay. It was so lovely and it moved me so much, that I asked her if I could post it as an encouraging blog post to other ladies like her. So this is the message...and this is the darling girl in question:

My name is Amy I'm 17 years old and oh how can I thank you enough! Let me tell you I discovered your channel last July. I fell in love! I've always loved hair but I have been just down right bad at styling my hair. I bought a set of sponge rollers and thought I would give one of your videos a try. The first one I ever tried was your Gil Elvgren Inspired Pin Up video. Let me tell you it was a disaster! It took forever to get all my hair in the rollers, they were uncomfortable in my hair when I went to sleep and when I woke up and took them out they looked ok but when I tried the brushing technique you said to do it turned into clown hair! I was sooo sad and felt defeated, I would never be able to do hair. But my mom came into my room and help me brush them into more of a smooth look it wasn't like it was supposed to be but it looked ok. I kept on watching your videos anyway, even though I couldn't create the beautiful hair styles you made look so easy. Every video of yours that I watched just inspired me more, I couldn't just sit there and not even try to do my hair. So I gave it another go. I have struggled through so many of your videos but I just kept practicing all summer every day! And suddenly like magic it became easier and easier to do my hair. I could follow along better with your new videos and felt confident in my hair. I feel so much better about my self now. I used to walk down the halls of my school with my head held low, I did not feel beautiful. I'm a little over weight but not too much, but I just felt ugly. Now that I can do my hair in so many beautiful ways I feel better about my body and my curves and I have WAY more confidence. At school I am known as the Rockabilly Girl I'm in my Sr year of high school and i am graduating I got a boyfriend for the first time i got a leading part in my schools production of Alice in Wonderland I was the Queen of Hearts, I am the head of hair and makeup for out next production in May Westside Story and I found out last week that I was voted best hair for the year book! I can never thank you enough for your videos they have changed my life, I leave high school on a happy note with confidence joy and beauty thanks to you! I will always remember you for the rest of my life! I know this is a long message and I appreciate you reading it! I thought I would attach a link to a picture on my facebook just so you can see one of the hair styles i created thanks to you! Your The Best!



*sniff sniff* Needless to say, that one made my day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Pin Up Peek~ Miss Congeniality

So as it turns out, Miss Congeniality is the name of the darling girl that won the swimsuit competition in Vegas. I contacted Vintage Suits by Mary as soon as I got back to find out, and was sent to her myspace page. She is new to the pin up scene, and so I was more than happy to make her the subject of my new Pin Up Peek, if for no other reason than to get her name out there. I think the gal has a marvelous gift for posing as well as a joyful spirit. Make sure to check her out!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Look Ma, I'm Affiliated!

Visit the 'Shop' link above for Layrite products. You've seen me use several of these products on my channel. Hopefully I'll be able to bring more items to you over the coming months...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'Diamonds and Dames' Episode 8~ 'Irene Jansen'

This style, worn by Lauren Bacall in the 1947 film 'Dark Passage', was one of the first I received in the 'Diamonds and Dames' request series. I like it, principally because it is not Lauren's typical soft waves. Most directors were afraid of pulling her hair back since her face was considered very mature for her years. But she wears this sleek style beautifully and oddly enough, a very similar style is worn by Agnes Moorehead in the same film.

To achieve a semblance of this style, I started w/ a pageboy base. I have a great diagram for a pageboy pin curl setting but I cannot for the LIFE of me get it to copy and paste! So suffice it to say that the setting requires larger pin curls aimed towards the face around the perimeter of the hairline. Two rows should be adequate. Since I have 'Bettie bangs', I aimed them away from my face w/ gel while they were still wet and then set them in a curved pin curl aimed in the same direction as the rest of my hair. After drying, I brushed the whole set into a pageboy and clasped it at the nape w/ a classic tortoise shell barrette, being careful to reshape the pageboy after doing so. It is a classic look that says 'sexy secretary' but also works well for evening.
Below is a the video tutorial I made yesterday for the Youtube Channel. The songs used are actual hit songs from the year the film was released. The Mills Brothers 'Across the Alley from the Alamo' doesn't really fit the film's mood but it's such a great song!

Film Synopsis:
Dark Passage (1947)
Directed by: Delmer Daves
Starring: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Vincent Parry (played by Humphrey Bogart, but only after a long opening portion which is told almost entirely from his first person perspective), is a escaped convict who was wrongly accused of his wife's murder. While hiding out, he meets beautiful Irene Jansen, a woman who has personal reasons for being sympathetic to his plight. After receiving facial surgery to conceal his identity, Vincent endeavors to find out who really killed his wife, narrowly escaping recapture along the way. Following a few twists and turns, both Vincent and Irene are able to find closure for their personal crises by turning to one another. A great example of Film Noir with an uncharacteristically happen ending.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Viva Vittles'~VLV 13 Recap~Sunday

Blustery would be an understatement, to describe this past Sunday in Vegas. It was a windy day indeed for the Pool Party and unfortunately, it shows in all of my pictures. However, in spite of the crazy wind tortured hair, I thought all of you should see this fabulous suit that Heather made for me out of her Esty shop, The Red Dolly. The design is one of her own, doctored up w/ some ruffles that were my idea.

She did a great job with it. I initially had a dogwood blossom just under the right strap but it blew away. Seriously. That's how windy it was. My husband's hat also blew away, right into the pool.
Since he wasn't wearing water-friendly attire, I made the plunge to grab it. My friend Misty got a photo of my retrieval which I will try to include later. Since I was the only person crazy enough to go into the water, I will be easy to spot. Actually, there were a few people in the pool...it wasn't cold. Just 'blustery', as I said.

The Surfside IV were brilliant. Lots of dancing going on around the stage. The Bathing Suit contest was also lots of fun. My husband got a shot of the girls lined up to go onstage, just before the contest started. The winner was the lovely lady in the pale green flowered suit. I need to get her name and do a feature on her because the gal has mad posing skills. I was watching her from a distance as she danced around the pool. Every moment was 'clickable' and completely conscious of the camera. She also really favors a young Suzanne Pleshette.

So we lasted as long as we could at the pool party, only taking a little bit of time to enjoy the hot tub before we called it quits.
I can't say it was the best pool party we've had yet, but it was a memorable one certainly. So many great photo ops at the event! I love to walk around and get posed photos from the different stylish couples at the event.

After the party, we headed up to our rooms to get ready for dinner. I opted to wear the Whirling Turban tonight...it's my FAVORITE dress ever. So I just had to wear it sometime! I wore it with some bone colored platforms from Frederick's of Hollywood (seriously) and a bright double hibiscus blossom from, where else? I also love to wear my bamboo bracelet and earrings w/ this get-up. Lulu was gonna do her 'Bali Hai' makeup for me that night but we ran out of time...:( Anyway, the photos don't do the dress justice, to be honest. Lulu and Misty looked GORGEOUS that night, so I hat to include this cute photo of us all cutting up!

We had a decent dinner at the Koji Japanese/Chinese/Asian whatever-they-wanna-label-it-as restaurant. Incidentally, the food at the Orleans is standard run-o-the-mill fare. Nothing great. For a really good meal, you have to go to the strip or try out local spots like 'Hash House A-gogo'. The Orleans has great '2am' stuff like TGI Fridays, a 'Denny's' Style all night eatery, a decent oyster bar, Don Miguel's Mexican Restaurant, and a typical food court. It does the job. We opted to shop this time, and save our money by eating basic foodstuffs. I even ate Zone Bars for breakfast!

After dinner, we headed back up to the room to pour champagne into cups so we could take them into the show room. .There were no glass containers allowed in the concert or shopping areas so it often looked as if we were 'double-fisting it' when actually, we were just preparing for a long night. Of course, by the time I got to the end of my champagne it was completely flat. I changed my dress because, well, I had an extra dress. And I thought this one went better w/ my new remix shoes, which are perfect for dancing until 3.

I think the picture-taking finger broke at that point. I don't recall taking many more. But I guess that is proof that the fun we had was sufficient for memory.

As always, the Weekender is a blast. It's one of my favorite times of year, in spite of the missing the kids thing. I came home with sore toes, a happy heart, and more than ready to gear up for some new tutorials. Ready...Set...Go!

'Viva Vittles'-VLV 13 Recap- Saturday

The Shifter's Car Show is always a welcome respite from the dark and smoky environs of the other weekend events. The weather is usually beautiful and the air, even in the middle of the city, is desert fresh. A long day of looking at cars and shopping the booths is usually all I need to get me back in the 'pink'. This year was no exception. The weather was beautiful and so were the cars.

I wore my favorite Miss Hussy dress to the event, with some trusty Pin Up Girl heels from a few years ago and a bright green spider orchid in my hair.

So many beautiful cars showed up this year. I am especially drawn to trucks. I love a fully restored, slightly lowered late 40's/early 50's truck.
I was also pleased to see so many children. Lots of tots showed up for the event, some happy to be there, some obviously drug along by enthusiastic parents. But all of them made me miss my own boys and wish I could bring them along for this one event, at least. Maybe someday.

While I feel that the shopping inside the Orleans was a little less impressive this year, the shopping at the car show was fantastic. I bought my very first Trophy Queen item, a wallet with her signature leopard lining...*drool*. My husband made his one extravagant purchase at the Car Show vendor for Crown Deluxe sunglasses. He has a magical way of holding onto those items that I could never match. I lose sunglasses almost as soon as I buy them...so I usually have a bunch.

Chuck Berry played the Car Show that evening. The crowd was INSANE. I almost panicked. But as you can see from the opening photo of Misty, Lu, and I-we made it just fine. Standing for such a long time is definitely difficult, even though by this point I had changed into more comfortable shoes. I took my shoes off and stood on the warm asphalt for a while myself, but then I saw this gal in front of me, and opted to put them back on.

Chuck Berry is old...he plays all his songs at a significantly slower pace. But in some ways, it takes one back to the roots of rock n roll and I liked that aspect of it.

After Chuck, we headed back to the Vendors for some shopping and that is when I bought my first pair of remix vintage shoes. It was a splurge...my major splurge for the trip. But I wanted a pair of basic wedge sandals, low ones, that could be thrown on when I was attending an event like this one and was tired of walking in heels. I couldn't find a photo but they're black patent, super comfortable, easy to dance in, and they look cute w/ most dresses! So no buyer's remorse here.

That night was Wanda night. I love Wanda Jackson...even now, she reigns supreme as the queen of Rockabilly. It was sad how much warmer her reception here was compared to her welcome at the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. But that's us...we love our queen. :) I was too far away to get pictures but I saw some excellent dancing, for sure!

This night was originally going to be the night for my Whirling Turban, but I decided to save it for tomorrow night. Instead I put on my super supportive Spanx and my Hibiscus Greta dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. The dress is super comfy. I wore some black sandals with it and a huge double Hibiscus blossom in my hair. The makeup was soft pinks on eyes and lips, to keep in the spirit of the thing. While primping in the restroom, I was greeted by some lovely viewers and so here is the result of that!

We had a ridiculously late night that night...we danced, we watched Excellos perform a great set at 2am...the party just kept going and going...

'Viva Vittles'~ VLV 13 Recap ~ Friday

Friday is usually a restful day for my husband and I, a day to sleep in and lounge around. Not this time! I was honored to be a part of the Viva Las Vegas Fashion show this year, modeling for 'Miss Hussy Clothing', but it also meant that I had to show up for rehearsal at 9:30am. Lulu was also offering her services, as one of the resident makeup artists, so it was really nice to share this exciting occasion with a friend. I pin curled my hair before heading over, and donned another 'day dress', this one from Heartbreaker Clothing.

We were ushered into the empty showroom to receive instructions before heading back to our TINY styling room for hair/makeup. There were no chairs, one tiny bathroom, and to top it off, a German camera crew was there to film the whole thing. They were doing a feature on pin up model LouLou Von Brochwitz who was one of the gals in the show. So it was CRAMPED, to say the least. But we had fun and made it work. Lu did my makeup for the show and it was ideal for the styles I was wearing. My dress was a lovely daisy print and I opted to do my own hair in a style that would suit both it and the pants I was wearing next. I did my hair in a simple snood style w/ one of my favorite Belle Blossoms, a sweet daisy that lays really flat against the head.

Once everyone was styled sufficiently, we rushed out to the staging area and presented our garments. . I actually preferred the 2nd outfit, a high waisted pant paired with a pink silk blouse. I changed the look of the hairstyle up just a bit by switching to a smaller pink blossom. The show went smoothly and all the gals looked adorable.

I made a video chronicling the preparation here:

After a brief meal w/ friends, and a bit of rest (wait...did we rest at all?)we got dolled up for evening. I really enjoyed this evening. The music was going to be great, what with the Wild Records showcase AND Marti Brom. Marti is phenomenal and her performance did not disappoint.
I was frustrated that her show overlapped the Wild Records Showcase since I was really looking forward to seeing The Caezars and I JUST missed them. Also, Gizelle (one of my favorite female artists) never showed and that was wildly frustrating for me, since I also missed her at Viva 10. However, Don Juan Y Los Blancos rocked the joint in the best way possible. My hair and makeup were a mess by the end of that show.

Tonight was also the night I met Lauren Rennells, one of my obvious heroes. I sang the praises of her book on my channel and also demonstrated some of the hairstyles, to the best of my ability. Meeting her was a really big deal for me.

The outfit of the evening was a simple 'trixie top' from Heartbreaker Clothing paired w/ a Mode Merr 'Perfect Skirt'. I knew I was going to go a little wild w/ the blue and green eye makeup and the blue extensions, so I kept the outfit very simple. I also wore a blue jeweled bracelet/earring set that was given me as a gift.
It was a full day but a fun one!

'Viva Vittles'~Recap of VLV 13~Thursday

As many of you know, for the past few years my husband and I take what we deem our 'anniversary trip', a jaunt to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. The event has been around for 13 years but this was our 4th visit. We only got up the courage to take that 4 hour plane ride in 2007 but since then, we have been huge advocates of the event. This year, the headliners were Chuck Berry and Wanda Jackson, two legendary artists we were excited to see.

The desert climate agrees with me. In spite of the need for eye drops and saline nasal spray throughout my visit, I love the fact there there are not really any bugs or humidity. The weather is usually perfect in April as well, though this year it was relatively cool and VERY windy. Still, nothing could put a damper on my excitement as the plane from LAX (we had a layover) flew past the full moon, into that harsh wind, and made a very bumpy descent into Vegas.

The Orleans Hotel is my favorite in the city, not because it's luxurious or successfully themed (it isn't) but because the off strip location is perfect for me, a fan of local hangouts over tourist-laden nightspots. The kitschy Mardi Gras masks are still hanging from the casino ceiling, the Alligator Bar is still inconveniently positioned, and the food court is still tucked into an odd place. But the rooms are well appointed, the liquor store has brilliant prices, and the pool is still ones of the best I've ever visited. The service at this hotel is hit or miss...mostly, the staff is very accommodating and really seems to enjoy the Weekender crowd, even going so far as to change the music over to standard Rockabilly classics while we are there. But sometimes, you feel a bit of resentment. The bell desk really showed their frustration w/ the unaccustomed crowd and seemed to purposely drag their feet with luggage requests. Also, the housekeeping staff seemed less inclined to give a polite knock before entering. Twice, we were caught unawares as the maid peeked her head in to ask if we needed anything? We were both a bit baffled by this indiscretion.

Thursday is a great day for laying back and taking everything in, especially if it is your first visit. I like to dress casually during most daytime events and since I received some requests for 'outfit posts', here are my Thursday duds:

The skirt is a kitchen print skirt from Daddy O's and the top is from Old Navy, just a simple tee w/ puffed sleeves. China man shoes are some of my favorites (in spite of sweaty feet), especially when coupled w/ some nice supportive insoles to eliminate the impact of walking so much. The casinos are ENORMOUS and regardless of whether you intend to leave the venue or not, you'll still do a heckuva lot of strolling. So flats are nice when
possible. I also wore a fun necklace, simple makeup, and an adorable butterfly clip in my hair. It looks and feels so real!

During this visit I was most anticipating one special event, and it didn't have anything to do with music or cars. I have been communicating online with my contest winner, mylulu2 on youtube . We found we have so much in common and she and her husband made the trip to Vegas for the first time, this year. When we met, it was kind of emotional for me, but not at all awkward. I feel like I've known her my whole life and we were instant 'cronies'. Good thing our husbands didn't mind!

We celebrated the special occasion by meeting up w/ our other friends and enjoying an In N Out burger (my first) before heading over to the DoubleDown Saloon, one of my favorite Vegas dives. The jukebox is incredible, the atmosphere is gritty, and the bartenders are 'no nonsense' ("cash only, please-there's the ATM"). We enjoyed some of their unique libations and the photo booth (hilarity!) before heading back over to the Orleans to get dolled up for evening.

The Vendors opened Thursday at five. It was absolute MAYHEM at first, but that toned down in time to enjoy some scoping out that evening. Still, the highlights of the evening were 'Big Sandy' and 'Barrance Whitfield', neither of whom disappointed their loyal fans.

The dress for this evening is an old one but I rarely wear it so it still feels new! It's a Stop Staring dress with a decidedly 1940's cut and I paired it with my new Aris Allen dance shoes, which are too small but seem to be stretching.

Over-accessorizing is usually one of my pet peeves but I totally did it tonight. I wore my pearls, handmade earrings, AND my 'Norma Orchid', while also doing glittery eye makeup.

If you can't do that in Vegas, where can you?