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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Few of My Favorite: 'Napoleon Perdis' Things

So now it's time to talk about Napoleon Perdis. I first found out about this brand in 2007 when I started watching Youtube videos. AskMeMakeup used a few NP products in her videos, and they seemed nice, but unnecessarily pricey. I still feel that the price is too high for some of these items, but when it comes to rating the quality of the product, there are clear winners here. NP's face products and foundations are especially impressive, so here are my top ten Perdis products, listed from least to greatest.

10. Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Primer:

Very effective for what it's intended, this primer provides a lovely glow to the skin without making it appear greasy. Even under an already 'dewy' foundation, the result is fresh, not shimmery, and foundation lasts much longer. This product works best for dry skin, in my opinion.

Price: 42.00

9. Marshmallow Foaming Makeup Remover:

We love this stuff for removing makeup from clients before a makeover. No water necessary and it really does gently remove makeup without drying the skin. Just put a couple of pumps in the palm, rub together, apply to face, and tissue away. Ideal for on-the-go kits and makeup artists on location.

Price: 25.00

8.China Doll Foundation:

For a full coverage, matte finish foundation that's ideal for oily skin, this one really hits it out of the park. A little goes a long long way and pores are rendered almost invisible, especially when used with a primer. The velvety and seamless look of this foundation makes it one of the best porcelain finish options out there, and it includes an SPF of 15. The trade off? It's 50 (ouch) dollars for an extraordinarily small amount of product. That said, people come back and buy it again and again...so obviously not everyone finds that to be a deal-breaker.

Price: 50.00

7. Off Duty Tinted Moisturizer:

The simplicity of this product is almost obsolete now, in this world of BB and CC multi-tasking creams. It contains no SPF, just gentle tinted moisture that evens out skin tone or makes a great primer for dry skin. The light hydration is not greasy or heavy, so it also works well for oilier skins, and one pump really does cover a full face.

Price: 45.00

6. Divine Godess Lipstick in HARA:

I don't like a matte finish lipstick, so this one is perfect for me. I love the bold orange color and the feel of it is like a cross between a matte and a cream, so it doesn't dry my lips out. Thankfully, it also doesn't bleed into fine lines and wears really well. I reach for this one a lot.


5. Neo Noir Liquid Liner:

I was amazed to find, among all the luxury brands we have at Dillard's, that there are so few quality liquid liners. The brush is either too thick, or the product itself is too shiny, or the felt tip is too stiff etc. This one is really good and rivals my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner for ease of application and longevity. My one complaint: it's not quite black enough.

Price: 32.00

4. The One Concealer:

This is a lovely lovely product. The consistency is a thick, almost gel texture that spreads easily. Very little goes a long long way and the result is excellent for dark undereye circles. It's a universal salmon shade that counteract blueness better than most and it sets very nicely. I use it for almost all skin tones but I do find it too light for very dark skins. Definitely the first product I fell in love with by Napoleon Perdis.

Price: 39.00

3. Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation:

Rated as one of the top foundations for maturing skin, this is a great investment product if you are willing to shell out the 60.00. I still think that's a ridiculous price for foundation but it is absolutely on par with Dior and Chanel when you consider the quality. A very very thin liquid foundation, you need to shake it up before dispensing, but the coverage is considerable. It goes on as a medium coverage but is buildable to full quite easily, and it doesn't settle into lines or lay on top of your moisturizer in an unflattering way. I do wish there were more color options, but I've been very impressed by this product so far, especially when coupled with the Radiance Boosting primer.

Price: 60.00

2.Cotton Butter Lip Balm Trio:

This is the most surprising product on my list. I did not even give these a second glance for the first month or so...they seemed overpriced at 45.00 and it was irritating to me that they were not available separately. However, I used the darkest one on a client who wanted a 'balmy' feeling nude lipstick and I became an instant fan. As soon as that client left, I wiped off my own lip color to apply it. The texture is heavenly...somewhere between a gloss and a balm, but the moisture is long lasting without being greasy. The colors are all lovely nude shades, all very different, and all flattering to a variety of skin tones. Test these out if you have a chance.

Price: 45.00

1. Stick Foundation:

Finally, my favorite product by Napoleon Perdis: The stick foundation. I am always on the lookout for non-SPF foundations that have maximum coverage, don't appear cakey after setting, and which blend flawlessly and smoothly over the skin. Most importantly, I need the foundation to look great on video and for photography. This one fits the bill. The coverage is spectacular, comparable with Dermablend, but it feels SO much better on my dry skin. It's easy to apply, blends effortlessly with a domed foundation brush, and because there is no SPF, it does indeed look great with flash photography. I like to use it sparingly on all but my very dry skinned clients, streaking it right from the tube onto the cheeks, forehead, and chin. Then I blend it with my brush so that the coverage to the t-zone is less pronounced. I then take a concealer brush to apply it more precisely where needed. No separate concealer needed! At 38.00, it's very affordable as well. I do wish it came in more colors, as with most NP products, but this is one foundation I plan to keep on hand for my own use as well as that of clients.

Price: 38.00

So, that's it. As always, let me know if you have any further questions about this brand and stop by to see me at Dillard's Edge Shop if you are in the Memphis area!