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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Friday, August 26, 2016

Sponsor Salute: Miss Poppywear & the 'Vanessa' Dress

Yay for sponsors!

A few months ago, a site out of the Netherlands called Miss Poppywear contacted me about advertising here on my page. I was hesitant at first, since the site was not written in English (although there IS a little drop-down option in the top right corner that I later discovered and which magically converts the whole site into English-Voila!), but quickly got over that when I saw the great selection they had. There is so much good stuff to offer in this little online shop! Separates and dresses and hats-oh my!

But's let talk a little about this dress, shall we?

I picked this dress from their site on my own, and they kindly sent it to me for review. It's by the brand Lindy-Bop (a brand I've also come to love for their amazing childrens' clothing), and featured candy stripes, a little belt, and a flattering gathered bust that really appealed to the 1950's fan in me.

When I received the dress and tried it on, I was really impressed by the quality. Although it's not vintage-authentic in its construction, meaning it does include some lycra-stretch fabric for a more modern fit, it is very well made and showcases a sturdy lining as well. I always try my garments on initially without any shape wear, mainly to gage the 'actual' fit, and even without my handy-dandy under-duds, it zipped easily. It was very comfortable and needed very little pulling or tugging to make it sit correctly. Initially the bust area was a little big, something I'm used to since I am not the most proportionate of gals, but tacking down the extra fabric helped significantly with that little detail.

The fabric is a lovely shade of pink and white stripe, not too bubble-gummy but also not too deep, and the cotton chosen for the bust fabric blends with it beautifully. The belt is a patent material and really neither here nor there, to be honest but I think I may try it with a black belt eventually, to give the dress a little additional 'oomph' at the waist line.

The back of the dress is one of my favorite things about it. Instead of taking the predictable route, there is the added interest of the lovely pointed collar at the neckline which really helps highlight the classic feel of the narrow stripe. The fit at the rear is also very nice, since I feel it flatters that area without adding too much attention to it. Whew! Another nice feature is the graduated wide straps that finish in a cap sleeve for maximum bra coverage!

For the photo shoot, I did indeed wear my trusty Rago waist nipper for a little extra curve-appeal, and also some added security. I feel that from the front and side, the proportions are appropriately consistent and I am more than happy to wear this one out and about for afternoon or evening summer events.

For our hot and humid Memphis weather, I opted to pair the dress with a casual up-do, a gorgeous flower clip from Belle Blossoms, my pink peep-toe pumps by Remix Vintage, and an ever-important paper parasol that I purchased a few VLV's ago. I felt classic and cool-always a nice combo.

I am honored that Miss Poppywear wanted to advertise with me and hope that all of you will visit the site, linked here in this entry AND to the left in my sponsor column. Shipping is reasonable and questions are readily answered, but if you have any queries about either, you can always post a comment below and I will also do my best to help you.

So Long, Dearies!

All photos taken by uber-talented local artist, Jerry Plunk of Plunk Kreativ, at Overton Park, Memphis Tn. Plunk Kreativ is also linked to your right.