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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Friday, May 27, 2011

Manic Panicked!

So evidently, this is what happens when you apply Manic Panic 'Flaming' over red hair with chunks of blonde. A month into it, I had already tired of the blonde steaks with their rapidly expanding roots and cry for expensive 'upkeep'. I've never felt comfortable with maintaining blonde hair at home.

Red, I'm used to. So partly out of impatience and partly out of curiosity, I applied 'Flaming' this morning over all my hair. I usually use this shade to kick up my red hair color when the permanant hue starts to fade. So I am very used to the application of this product. I did NOT expect the blonde streaks to be such a bold primary red. I'm dying to see it under black light! haha

Incidentally, this is gonna fade big time after two or three washes...so I'm pretty sure I'll have to do something to doctor up those streaks. Otherwise, they'll be a yucky 'salmon' color after a few days. The rest of the hair turned out just as expected. It usually has a cool tone to it at first and then fades to a nice bright auburn.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Besame' Post Script...

I love Besame' Cosmetics and everything it stands for. The above photo is such a lovely tribute to those beautiful cosmetic ads of the 1950's...I instantly want to purchase the product. Modern advertisers could learn a thing or two from the simplicity of this type of glamour marketing.

Anyway, in visiting the site today, I not only was reminded of the color 'Carmine' and wanting to repurchase it, but I also discovered this wonderful little sampler pack, which only costs 8.00 and is worth every penny, if you ask me. Not only will you have a nice little supply of reds to use over the course of the summer, but it will also allow you to try the luscious Besame' reds you've been eyeing, without having to make a full sized purchase.

Check out that nifty little booklet that comes with it! I'm ordering my sampler pack right away!

Something else I recently discovered. Remember the Besame' Souffle Foundation that I reviewed a while ago? Well, I was disappointed that none of the shades suited me, if you'll remember. But since then, I've realized something rather pleasant. If you are a fan of Kevin Aucoin's beauty techniques (and who isnt?), one of which claims that the majority of skin types can get away with concealer and powder alone, then you might be happy to find that this foundation works SPLENDIDLY as a concealer. The 'yellow cameo' especially makes an ideal undereye concealer since it counteracts blueness. Finish w/ transluscent powder and you will likely need nothing else for daytime wear. So the color situation turned out to not be that big of a deal.

Anyway, I thought all of that was worthy of a mention...


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anniversary Date Night...Social Distortion at the Ryman!

Sixteen years done come and gone...where does the time go? Anyway, for this year's wedding anniversary we got tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Social Distortion, at an excellent Nashville venue for live music-The Ryman Auditorium. Most of you know the Ryman as the original home of the Grand Ol' Opry but it really has some of the best accoustics on the planet and seeing a band there, you aren't happy seeing them anywhere else afterwards. Well, maybe at the Hollywood Bowl...or Madison Square Garden...but I digress.

I like using our rare date nights to experiment with different makeup application. I usually don't do anything super fancy with my hair, because without loads of product, no style will hold up to the signature southern humidity around these parts.

I was wearing a red pinafore-style skirt from a discount shop I found online. It is cheaply made and not as flattering as I hoped so I was aiming to distract from that with elaborate makeup and nice hair. Considering the humidity, I wanted to set my hair in the morning, but that didnt happen. Enter Hot Sticks. I rolled all the way to the scalp to get a tighter curl, let the rollers cool for no less than thirty minutes, and then brushed them out thoroughly. Finally, I swept back the sides in Grip Tuth combs and added a small accessory-a black and white striped bow clip that was completely unsuitable for my age. :) The style held up incredibly well...woot!

For the makeup, I was really inspired by the attached tutorial from Pixiwoo, on Youtube. I love the red eye shadow and glossy red lips...but I knew that a literal version of this would be very harsh and unwearable.

Some of you on facebook asked me to post pics of how I worked out something inspired by the look, without it being so 'runway'.
I toned it down a bit, cut out the contouring and added some white to the inner eye so that I didnt look 'sick'. I added softer half lashes as well. It was fun...a little bit more kooky than I would typically wear but still 'classic', sort of.

Anyway, of course the show was amazing and of course we had a grand time.

Honey, get out of my shot.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animated Angels~'Go Ask Alice'

For this edition of 'Animated Angels', I chose to create an Alice In Wonderland inspired hairstyle and makeup look. Considering the Disney version of this character, I opted to go with a very natural and girly situation...soft curls, a black bow, and very natural retro tinged makeup. I also found some dresses on neighboring vintage inspired sites that went perfectly with the look.

Product List:

Face: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
Besame' Loose Powder
Revlon Colorstay under-eye concealer

Eyes: Coastal Scents 78 Palette
Maybelline Concealer Stick in 'white'
Maybelline Define-a-brow pencil in 'Medium Brown'
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara in black (not sure of the official name)
Salon Secrets Lashes in Number 53
NYX Loose Shadow in 'White Pearl'

Cheeks and Lips:
ELF Cream Blush in 'Temptress'
NYX Lip Lacquer in 'Sweet Pea'
Julie Hewett Lip Liner in 'Film Noir'

After Finishing the look, I realized that it didn't really suit the twisted nature of this story...frankly, the Disney version attempts a little too zealously to make it 'child friendly'. The original story is bizarre and nightmarish, not nearly so whimsical and optimistic. Therefore, I decided at the last minute to create a makeup look on the fly that would more accurately depict that mood.
As far as products go, the only items I used that were not in my original product list are the blue lipstick (which is from the 66 lip palette that I purchased on Ebay), the blue eye liner from NYX, and the NYX eyelashes that I used on the top. The bottom lashes are the same ones I used at the top lash line in the previous natural 'Alice' look. Oh, and I used Besame' 'Noir Red' lipstick to create the fading hearts on my cheeks. The headpiece is an off the wall item that I received last year from Taissa Lada Designs on Etsy. Gotta say, it was fun to do something a little 'mad', for a change!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lisa Freemont Street Has an Official Photographer!

As Vintage Life Magazine gets more and more popular, I have become increasingly aware of how inferior my photos have been for the last few styling features I've contributed. Therefore, I contacted my cousin Joshua Nichols, a Nashville based photographer just getting his business off the ground, for some mutual 'back-scratching', as it were.
He has agreed to be my new 'official' photographer for all future Vintage Life features and I believe his work will soon be visible on the 'Belle Blossoms' website as well. His style and experience with product photography was just what I was looking for since the step by step tutorials I contribute require a great deal of attention to detail.
If you live in the Nashville area, make sure to contact him for any portrait work, head shots, or product photos you need.

I'm really excited about this and feel it will only serve to make my hair styling features more on par with the rest of the great professional quality photos throughout the magazine. To see the rest of the photos in this shoot, visit my facebook page. And don't forget to visit the Vintage Life site to subscribe and order back-issues of the magazine!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Sponsor Salute~ Well 'Dressed' for Spring

Ah, Spring...time to break out the open toed shoes and frolick around in fields of flowers wearing floaty little dresses! Well...the frolicking part might be difficult for you, depending on where you live, but all of us can likely relate to the pastoral moods and pastel dreams we all experience at this time of year.

In keeping w/ that lovely feeling, here are a couple of gorgeous options for your Spring Flings and picnics in the park.

HeyDay Clothing: The Fleur wrap dress (above)is now available in several different fabrics, including a gorgeous floral print and this fabulous blue shade, trimmed in red and white piping. Created just in time for the Royal Wedding, the dress is also perfectly suited to a day at sea.

Mod Cloth : Skimming the pages of Mod Cloth today, I came across this lovely number, whimsically called 'The Picnic Knack Dress'. Made of 100 percent cotton, it's the perfect dress for warm summer days outdoors or long Sunday drives in the country.

Simply click on the links at the right to snatch up one of these stunning frocks!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Designer Interview~ Vintage Suits by Mary

Ifirst discovered Vintage Suits by Mary at the Viva Las Vegas fashion show last year. I kept spotting these gals hanging around the hotel on the Thursday before the show in these absolutely adorable sailor style playsuits-hair all done up, rosy like a cherub. So as I was backstage helping Miss Hussy out with that portion of the show, I was pleased to see those same playsuits traipsing in and out of the room next door. It turns out, Vintage Suits by Mary was also showing at the event and both the playsuits and the swimsuits were undeniably perfect for such an occasion.

This year, I so wanted to catch up with Mary at Sunday's pool party for an interview. But unfortunately, the sound capabilities on my camera just couldn't keep up with the demands of conducting an interview in such a noisy environment. So I'm doing this blog interview and hope that all of you will enjoy it as well.

LFSt: Can you give us a brief history and/or Mission Statement of the company?

Mary: Vintage Suits by Mary was incorporated about a year ago. Before that I was a pattern maker in the swimsuit industry for more than 25 years. When I started VSbM, I wanted to make clothing that really replicated the fit and glamour of the 40's and 50's. Back then, clothes really fit and made women look fantastic!

LFSt: What is your primary inspiration for the suits you create?

Mary: Most of my inspiration comes directly from vintage clothing and old swimsuit ads. I love how cheeky the ads always were! (That's one reason why I try to make my ads a little humorous.)

I usually find a detail that I love, then work it into a swimsuit or a playsuit. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head and not enough hours in the day to produce them. I also have a fantastic fit model, who is also my muse: Shelby Loveland. She inspires about 2/3 of my designs. (and how nice to have an entire line that you know will fit you perfectly, huh? :D)

LFSt: I'm Jealous! So can you describe the differences we can expect from the custom and the pre-made suits you offer?

Mary: The "in-stock" suits have been produced by my contractor to my specifications, using my pattern (so it fits the way I would have made it). The custom options can either be ordered straight off the website and made by me, or in the case of some girls who may not match the measurements exactly, can be ordered in split sizes, or shorter or longer. (or in different fabrics)

LFSt: I wish more companies would offer that option! I've noticed that you also carry aprons. Will you be moving on to other wardrobe pieces as well?

Mary: I would like to start doing a line of separates, but again, having the time to do it is difficult right now.

LFSt: I'll bet! You are one busy lady! What about new suit designs? Anything in the works?

Mary: We have our new line for 2011 that we just unleashed at Viva Las Vegas to OVERWHELMING positive feedback! We are bracing for a tidal wave of growth right now. We are going to be producing parasols that coordinate with the outfits, though. I have a fabulous artist!

LFSt: I saw those adorable ruffled suits at the car show! They are fabulous indeed. And my viewers are constantly asking me where to buy parasols so I can't wait to see the ones you will offer! Last question: What advice would you give a lady who is interested in embracing a vintage style every day?

Mary: I would say to not necessarily follow the crowd. Find styles that flatter YOU. If you are small busted, look for pleats, shirring, or ruffles up top. If you have a tummy, you can't go wrong with sarong style shirring at the waist. Hips can be created or hidden with a flared skirt, or accentuated with a straight one.

Always wear the proper undergarments. Women back in the day always wore pretty supportive bras, girdles, and waist cinchers. There is a large amount of amazing underwear out there!
I personally am a big fan of real vintage, but I know that vintage swimwear can be incredibly fragile. SO I make my suits so that a girl can look like a vintage vixen, but still go into the water or spend the entire day in her outfit and not worry about ruining it.

This post was dressed up by pin up models: Shelby Loveland, Lisa Luxe, and Lisa-Ann.