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Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tutorial-Rita Hayworth Waves Variation

In the bygone days of Freemont Street, I did a tutorial for a 'Rita' style that used hot rollers. It was my first video and really got me interested in recreating these looks for my hair type.
Over the years, I've done a few more, most of which have been deleted for whatever reason, and this one remains the best since it does utilize the traditional pin curling technique for the style:

But I thought I'd revisit it using rollers since these tend to be more handy for some gals and can still lend a pretty authentic attitude to the look. This time, I created a similar 'bombshell' style on my straight (too long), unwashed (2nd day) hair, using only the following products/tools:

1. medium sized foam rollers
2. a few bendy rollers
3. a diluted mix of lotta body setting lotion
4. a Denman styling brush
5. one bobbie pin and a couple of duckbill clips

Starting on second day hair (or clean, if you wish), part the hair on whichever side you wish and begin rolling sections downward, keeping away from the crown section. On the two sections closest to the face on the heavy side of the part, roll upward. Using bendable rollers on the uppermost sections ensures less effort preventing 'dents' from the standard foam roller clips. Brush thoroughly, shaping with hands as you go, spray in place, and you're done!

Til Next Time,
So Long, Dearies!


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