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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Friday, October 21, 2016

Movies That Shaped My Style: The Women (1939)

Movies have always been my chief inspiration, when it comes to style. And there are a few films that I can truly say 'shaped' my taste in that regard. I thought it might be worthwhile to include a few words about those films occasionally here and on my Youtube Channel.

The one that is foremost in my mind is 1939's The Women, directed by George Cukor.

It's one of those movies that I enjoyed as a kid, because I always like the fashionable aspect of it and the witty one-liners. As an adult, I also identify with the female empowerment of it, although some might disagree with that notion. I personally feel that it taught some valuable lessons about humility, endurance, and hope.

The Movie:

Mary Haines (Norma Shearer) is a society lady who leads what many feel to be a 'charmed life'. She is known in her community as one of the upper class 'elite' and seems from the outset to have it all..the perfect marriage, the perfect daughter, lots of friends, and scads of money. However, when catty gal-pal Sylvia Fowler (Rosalind Russell) hears a nasty rumor involving Mr Haines, Mary's friends suddenly seem all too glad to see her fall from grace. As the rumors circulate, build, and gain momentum-Mary must decide if her pride is more important than her marriage, and whether preserving her dignity is worth the loss of all she holds dear.

The story is simple, and one we've seen played out many times since...but never in quite this way. The black and white cinematography is crisp and stylish, focusing on details only women will truly appreciate. No men are present anywhere in the film; we don't even hear their voices or see them walking on the street. This little touch provides a mood and atmosphere that isn't obvious at first, but eventually proves to be the most important aspect of the story-telling itself. We begin to see how this priviledged world looked through the eyes of its females, and how modern society at the time influenced their behavior. The interior sets are painstakingly specific, drawing attention to the tastes and attitudes of each leading lady, and the full-color fashion show at a pivotal point in the story provides an even more impressive landscape to stage the scene.

The cast could not have been chosen better. Rosalind Russell is comically evil; Joan Crawford purrs and claws her way across the screen with a subtlety that I never knew she possessed; Paulette Goddard provides the sexy spunk that really set the standard for similar roles of the time. Supporting performances by Lucille Watson as Mary's wise and understanding mother, Virginia Weidler as the heart-broken little Mary, and Phyllis Povah as Sylvia's simple-minded side-kick are also standout, bringing the screenplay brilliantly to life. Although Joan Fontaine's portrayal is syrupy-sweet at times, and the story could potentially wear a little thin due to the fact that the second 'act' is a pretty drastic change of pace, this is a movie that never fails to improve with repeat viewings.

My rating: 10/10


Fashionistically-speaking, this is one of the world's best. The designs by Adrian are memorable, to say the least, and really showcase the avant-garde look of his creations without overshadowing the players. Specific looks will always stand out to me. This blouse, for instance, worn by Sylvia during an early scene in the film, broadcasts without words her personal style and demeanor.

Adrian's designs were a great mix of new and classic. They brought to the forefront of fashion a kooky mentality that was a welcome respite from the stern drama of the 1930's.

In The Women, Adrian paid special attention to the characters he was dressing, making sure to give them an elegant feel without forgetting that sex-appeal and comedy were also key players.

He reserved his more bold designs in the film for the spectacular full-color fashion show, which boasted ensembles suitable for both day and evening events.

This beach jacket could be irresistible or off-putting, depending on who you are. It features a realistic human hand at the closure- holding a rose, no less.

Make sure to look up more of Adrian Greenburg's luscious designs, which are quintessential fashion examples of the decade. His life was relatively short, but he made a solid mark on Hollywood and the fashion world, as well as an undeniable impression on my own style choices and love of all-things-novelty.

Til Next Time...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fabulous Faux Ponytails!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved the look of a big, fake ponytail. Elvis movies were full of them; my mom LIVED in faux hair pieces in the 60's! They're just the sassiest thing! So my fine, thin hair was definitely not going to ever be capable of giving me the look I wanted in a ponytail.

Enter the Irresistible Me Ponytail Extension!

I first introduced this little item to you long ago, when I was still a blonde. The video still stands and you can still use it, as well as the rest of the videos in that playlist, showcasing all the fabulous retro ways to use this hairpiece!

After I had my hair cut into a pixie last year, I knew it would be some time before I could revisit this sort of piece, so I'm very excited to be back on the 'faux pony'! My hair is now almost shoulder-length and ready for action!

My ponytail was blonde, so I made the decision to color it to match my red, as opposed to trying to match it with one of their existing titian shades. Which was a good choice, as it turns out, because I've since discovered that the reds they offer are no where near my current color. The color I use is the Loreal Feria 'Power Copper' with the color booster. The problem with this color is that it fades pretty quickly on my own hair, so for a time, I've had to wash my ponytail extension every time I wash my hair, so they'll fade at the same rate. A headache. One of the only cons to being a redhead though, so I'll take it.

Now, the tail is the purrr-fect shade of bombshell red, so I'm not complaining.

I also gave it a good whack, since I was bored with the super long heaviness of it. Now, I'm wearing it ALL the time because it's more comfy!

Anyway, that's about it for this entry, other than the link below of course. Clickety-click on the play button and you will see this baby in action as well as hear some handy-dandy tips for applying it!
Oh! And remember that if you use the following link (also in the info bar of the video, on Youtube), you'll get a discount AND be helping me out!!

Til' next time

So Long, Dearies!


Friday, September 9, 2016

A Tale of Two Tutorials

It was 'Styling as Usual' on Lisa Freemont Street for the last two weeks. That really just means it was a 'return to formula' and I was able to add to some existing series I have going on my channel.

Occasionally, I revisit a tutorial I've done in the past and call it a 'Street Repeat'. Since last week's tutorial was also based on the following Classic Pin Up Art piece, it qualified as both a repeat and an addition to that series. This Pearl Frush lady is just everything, and I love her one upswept little Victory Roll near her face.

Since I have bangs, I found a way to somewhat mimic that upswept look while hiding my fringe and I liked the final product!

The original version of this style, from all the way back in 2009, is still on Youtube and I'll go ahead and link it here as well. For fun, I used the same spunky little Squirrel Nut Zippers tune in my recreation. It's such a good one! Hopefully the lighting and instruction in the new one is easier to follow, but using both together could be helpful as well.

Original Tutorial:

New Tutorial:


The second tutorial was an installment for my Diamonds & Dames series, which is an all-request series on my channel. You can visit the entire playlist, which started all the way back in 2009, here.

For this most recent episode, I used a request I received for the center-parted softly waved style worn by Donna Reed in From Here to Eternity and catered it to shorter hair. The result was just a semblance of the original style but still very much a 1950's option. It's such a simple look to achieve that I hardly feel it cam be termed a tutorial. So let's just call it a 'styling option' for short hair. Ha!

As far as the movie goes, I'm not a huge fan of this one. I feel it was mostly overrated and none of the characters really resonated with me. That said, the performance by Donna Reed was decent, albeit melodramatic even for the era, and who can forget that oceanside make-out session? It's been years since I've seen it, so I won't mess with trying to rate it accurately...strictly going on memory, I'd probably be scoring it a solid 7/10 based on the direction and some of the performances, in spite of its inability to connect with me.

And here is the tutorial for the Donna Reed inspired style...short and sweet and accompanied by a lovely little Eddie Fisher tune from the year the film was released. Enjoy!

So that was what was up the last couple of weeks. I'm currently settling my kid into K12 home school and planning a move back to middle Tennessee so I don't have as much time on my hands. I'll definitely be around though. You'll see me.


Friday, August 26, 2016

Sponsor Salute: Miss Poppywear & the 'Vanessa' Dress

Yay for sponsors!

A few months ago, a site out of the Netherlands called Miss Poppywear contacted me about advertising here on my page. I was hesitant at first, since the site was not written in English (although there IS a little drop-down option in the top right corner that I later discovered and which magically converts the whole site into English-Voila!), but quickly got over that when I saw the great selection they had. There is so much good stuff to offer in this little online shop! Separates and dresses and hats-oh my!

But's let talk a little about this dress, shall we?

I picked this dress from their site on my own, and they kindly sent it to me for review. It's by the brand Lindy-Bop (a brand I've also come to love for their amazing childrens' clothing), and featured candy stripes, a little belt, and a flattering gathered bust that really appealed to the 1950's fan in me.

When I received the dress and tried it on, I was really impressed by the quality. Although it's not vintage-authentic in its construction, meaning it does include some lycra-stretch fabric for a more modern fit, it is very well made and showcases a sturdy lining as well. I always try my garments on initially without any shape wear, mainly to gage the 'actual' fit, and even without my handy-dandy under-duds, it zipped easily. It was very comfortable and needed very little pulling or tugging to make it sit correctly. Initially the bust area was a little big, something I'm used to since I am not the most proportionate of gals, but tacking down the extra fabric helped significantly with that little detail.

The fabric is a lovely shade of pink and white stripe, not too bubble-gummy but also not too deep, and the cotton chosen for the bust fabric blends with it beautifully. The belt is a patent material and really neither here nor there, to be honest but I think I may try it with a black belt eventually, to give the dress a little additional 'oomph' at the waist line.

The back of the dress is one of my favorite things about it. Instead of taking the predictable route, there is the added interest of the lovely pointed collar at the neckline which really helps highlight the classic feel of the narrow stripe. The fit at the rear is also very nice, since I feel it flatters that area without adding too much attention to it. Whew! Another nice feature is the graduated wide straps that finish in a cap sleeve for maximum bra coverage!

For the photo shoot, I did indeed wear my trusty Rago waist nipper for a little extra curve-appeal, and also some added security. I feel that from the front and side, the proportions are appropriately consistent and I am more than happy to wear this one out and about for afternoon or evening summer events.

For our hot and humid Memphis weather, I opted to pair the dress with a casual up-do, a gorgeous flower clip from Belle Blossoms, my pink peep-toe pumps by Remix Vintage, and an ever-important paper parasol that I purchased a few VLV's ago. I felt classic and cool-always a nice combo.

I am honored that Miss Poppywear wanted to advertise with me and hope that all of you will visit the site, linked here in this entry AND to the left in my sponsor column. Shipping is reasonable and questions are readily answered, but if you have any queries about either, you can always post a comment below and I will also do my best to help you.

So Long, Dearies!

All photos taken by uber-talented local artist, Jerry Plunk of Plunk Kreativ, at Overton Park, Memphis Tn. Plunk Kreativ is also linked to your right.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vintage Hair Problems: Rolling the Back of Your Head

I get a lot of Vintage Style questions via email and on social media and usually the questions are pretty easy to answer in writing, with just a few words. Occasionally however, one arises that I feel a video would better serve to answer. This one, for instance:

How do I roll the back of my head?

Because I tend to roll my hair without a back view at all, I sometimes take it for granted that it's something everyone does. I know there are some girls who firmly believe in precision in this regard, using a mirror and a rat-tail comb to delicately part and curl the back of their head to perfection. And certainly vintage styling books show very specific placement for the back of the head, being geared towards the professional crowd as they are. But I do think most people don't give it a lot of thought or effort. Or at least, I think most ladies would prefer not to have to take that much time setting their hair at night.

If you are that latter gal, this video is for you! This is how I set my hair in the back and yes, I show you the messy results as well as the actual style that comes from the process. It doesn't have to be a thoughtful procedure unless you want it to be...and if you do, I salute you. But if you don't...join me and the other ladies who enjoy sitting in a tv-lit room watching Stephen Colbert as we haphazardly throw our hair up for the night!


Easy False Eyelashes for Doll and Cat Eyes!

For those of us with a vintage aesthetic, false lashes can make or break a look! No amount of wiggle dresses, high heels, seamed stockings, or bombshell waves will make up for a lash-less eye. While winged liner and lots of mascara can definitely add some thickness to your flutter, to really channel the broads of yore, you'll have to get used to applying some lashes-at least for special occasions.

The following video was made for YOU...you there, with your glue-problems and red eyes! You poked those tweezers in there one time too often, didn't you? I've got you.

Here is my failsafe, tweezer-less eyelash application tutorial! Enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Country Broad & the City Broad- A YouTube Collaboration

I first ran across Lolita Haze quite a few years ago when I was a visitor of the forums called The Fedora Lounge. She had such a great attitude and such a handle on her own vintage style, that I began following her blog and youtube uploads with interest. Since then, we've both been super busy ladies and I actually lost track of her for a while.
I'm happy to see that she's back on youtube delivering more great platinum hairstyles with effortless rolls and plenty of pow!

When she approached me recently for a collaboration idea, I was stumped at first. It's hard to remain creative and vintage-authentic at the same time anyway, so adding someone else's style into the mix can be challenging. Then she mentioned a 'Country hairstyle/City Hairstyle' collab, and that really hit home...I loved the idea of doing a tongue-in-cheek revamp of the age-old 'Country Mouse & City Mouse' fable! I would be the Country broad, since I'm southern born and raise, and Lolita would do a vintage take on a City Broad.

For a few days I browsed the inter-webs in search of some photo-inspiration, and realized that I wanted to keep it simple...closer to what a typical country gal from the south might have actually done to her hair in the heat of summer. Usually there would have been a wet-set involved, to combat humidity, and flowers would have been plucked and perhaps woven into a chain for adornment. So the following look was born, and quite literally created 'on the fly'. It came out a little more bridal than I expected, which I didn't mind at all, and also even a little Petticoat Junction? I can see it with overalls and a gingham top but it would pair just as easily with an eyelet slip dress. I wore this with pride the day I did it though, because it felt completely organic to me. A bit sloppy maybe, but hey, who needs perfection?

I hope you enjoy the following tutorial as well..and please don't forget to check out Lolita's Video too, which will be linked in the info bar.

So Long, Dearies!!