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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Product Review: LashBlast Vs Clean Definition Telescopic Mascaras

Lately I've becomed a bit obsessed w/ eyelashes. Falsies, conditioners, mascaras, etc...I love to 'bat' with the best of them. However, when my trusty 'Great Lash' ran out recently, I decided to put some research into my next tube and try something new. Since I was having trouble choosing between two drugstore favorites,'Clean Definition Telescopic' by Loreal and 'Lash Blast' by Cover Girl, I opted to buy them both. This is my opinion of the pair:

COVER GIRL LASH BLAST: At first glance, the tube is obviously a fat one. This speaks volumes (pun intended) about what's inside. The brush is very large...too large to grab some of the inner and outter lashes, certainly. I also wouldnt attempt to get the bottom lashes with it since it can be difficult to maneuver. That said, the brush does do a great job of giving lots of volume to those important center lashes and lending almost a 'false eylash' effect to them. With a slight wiggle at the base, the lashes will 'magically' seperate and 'fluff' making your eye instantly appear more 'awake'. It is also a very 'buildable' mascara which means it responds well to repeated coats w/out clumping. The formula I bought is a waterproof one so therefore it's a great option for sad movies and weddings...*wink wink*. I noticed no flaking or smudging at all and the price is reasonable at anywhere from 6 to 8 dollars.

I give it a score of 8/10, the only negatives being the difficulty of the large brush and the size of the tube which is somewhat bulky in the makeup bag.

LOREAL CLEAN DEFINITION TELESCOPIC MASCARA: I'll just go ahead and start by saying this is the best mascara I've ever used! I didnt even know such marvelous stuff existed in the realm of lash defining. The tube is a very sleek telescope design, rather long for a mascara, but slim enough to fit into any pocket w/out difficulty. The brush is very thin with fine and flexible bristles that LITERALLY coat every single lash w/out a hitch. I was able to not only noticeably lengthen my lashes w/ each stroke but I discovered eyelashes I never even knew I had! Turned sideways, the brush also gets those reclusive bottom lashes easily. The formula is similar to other Loreal mascaras with no smudging or clumping to speak of while the price is only slightly higher than Lash Blast, at between 8 and 9 dollars a tube...worth every penny! Needless to say I strongly recommend this product and feel very confident in my rating of 10/10!!


bookyeti said...

Interesting! I've never used mascara very much, so it's neat to hear about the different types. Great reviews!

Have you tried L'Oreal's new double-extend? I have very fine and short lashes (as most Asian girls tend to have) and I find the double-extend really helps me out there. And I love that the little 'tubes' on the end of the lashes come off clean, with no smudging.

Heather said...

I'll have to try the Lash Blast. I don't like the brush on the Cover Girl one either. I hate the way it feels when you touch your lash line with the brush. I think I try every new mascara that comes out. Have you tried the tubes one? I can't remember who makes it but it is very strange. It's almost like your lashes are coated with plastic. Not that it's bad, just very different. I always go back to my trusted favorite of all time, 2000 Calorie by Max Factor though.

Amanda "Fireball" Awesome said...

Great information. Mascara is one of those things that needs to be replaced often, so I prefer to go the drugstore route. I will be checking out the Loreal one!

jewlover2 said...

Thanks for the recommendations, ladies. I haven't tried the 'tube'mascaras but I am intrigued and will do it eventually. I did like the 2000 Caolorie one though...very quality stuff.

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