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Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair Color Mishaps-

I've been coloring my own hair for some time now, as was stated in my Manic Panic blog entry a few months ago. It saves me money and usually it turns out fine. Against my better judgement however, I decided to go w/ the Garnier Nutrisse color cream in 'True Red'this time, over my usual auburn shade of L'oreal Preference.

The difference was palpable. The L'oreal color is a liquid that you combine w/ the developer and which is quite thin after mixing. It's about the consistency of hair gel and is very easy to spread through the hair, saturating it thoroughly. I use a tint brush and have never had a problem w/ it. However, the Garnier color was a very thick cream and for that reason, I had difficulty getting it even. After I piled my hair on top of my head, waiting for the color to process, I already was developing misgivings. Sure enough, upon rinsing, I realized that the color had taken really well at the crown but the ends showed very little change.

Taking the advice of one of my channel subscribers, I bought a professional grade hair color from L'oreal at Sally's, one of their 'Mega Reds' options. I attempted to even the color out by applying it principally to the ends but ended up w/ a very mottled and very dark hair color. Ugh!

Once again, Manic Panic comes to the rescue. Since the crown of my head was a very deep burgundy, I decided to go w/ one of their blue based reds. The color I chose was called 'Pillarbox Red' and it looked like red Tempera paint. Using the same techniques as I had before, I applied the color and let it process about thirty minutes before rinsing. The result is a very deep cranberry and thankfully, it's mostly even. As you can see from the photo above, it's very different than the warm reds I've had in the past, and which I prefer. But it's very definitely preferable to the muddy mess that was there before.

Lesson learned: When you have good results with a product, DON'T bother changing it!


Adrienne Van said...

I guess you can't go wrong with that cherry red. It always looks great. I'm considering platinum, but like red, its a big step.

Andewyn Designs said...

It looks great~ I'm having fear issues with going red, you inspire me!

Karen said...

Yeah, no good experience with Garnier Nutrisse here either. When I tried it it turned my hair reddish with a pink shine!!

Listen (listen,listen) said...

I hope you try perfect 10 like I recommended someday (:

jewlover2 said...

Thanks, I plan to!

Meagan said...

Ever heard of Jeri Redding's One'n'Only Color Fix? Sallys for around 13 bucks. It's awesome. It pulls all the artificial color from your hair and leves you with a clean palatte to tone. I have pulled dark plum color from my hair and was blonde the next day. MIRACULOUS! I have done this more than one time. It's gentler thatn bleach but gets you back to your pre-dye. (even removes old color) HOWEVER: you most likely will have to tint because most of us were lightened to a orangey-yellow at some point. anyhoo... I love this product!

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