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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Monday, December 7, 2009

His Type Vs. My Type

I got the idea for this entry from one of my favorite blogs, "I'll Take the Snap Out of Your Garters". There, the general 'mood' of the last few (highly entertaining) posts has been an unguarded, brutally honest critique of her favorite and least favorite actresses, both in beauty and general appeal. This got me thinking about my own favorite ladies of classic cinema as well as giving deliberate attention to what I know of my husband's tastes. While I naturally gravitate toward ladies of the 1940's and 1950's, I can't deny that my husband is solidly based in the sixties, when it comes to the gals that he finds most attractive. It was the natural curviness of the early part of that decade that 'moves' him, I think, but also the long hair and eyelashes (a fact I don't think he would admit or even perceive, on his own). I didnt ask his opinion before posting this because I didnt want him to put any thought into it...instead, I'm basing these choices on comments I've heard him make (many times) as well as a general 17 year knowledge of the guy. As our marriage approaches 15 years, I have to assume that he still loves me in spite of the fact that I won't wear a bumpit or magically shrink my waist down to 20 inches. *Chuckle*
So without further ado...here are the ladies that float our respective boats:


1. Jane Fonda-Okay okay...so I happen to be with him on this one. When Jane was first bursting onto the scene in the sixties, there was no denying her appeal. Not only was the body one of the best ever commited to celluloid (just check out the opening sequence of Barbarella, to see what I mean), but she had an inherent likeability that most men would be drawn to, in any woman. Her performances in films like 'Cat Ballou' and (our hands down favorite) 'Barefoot in the Park', showcased the fact that she could effortlessly combine sex appeal and boyish charm..and in a way that most men appreciate. She's like that girl next door that played w/ your comic book action figures and then suddenly became one.

2. Linda Harrison- Let's face it, seeing her run around w/ apes in the original 'Planet of the Apes' already gave her an upper hand in the looks department. Charlton Heston and his rock of a jaw was bound to also add to her general feminine appeal. But in spite of these facts, as well as the fact that she never speaks, I don't think my husband would deny that she is one of the main reasons he watches the movie repeatedly. Actually, perhaps the latter is one of the points of interest? Either way, the long glorious hair, beautiful face, and tiny bodacious body didnt need a lasting film career. The strategically cut skins she sported as Nova, will place her forever in the Pin Up history books.

3.Tina Louise-Gilligan's Island is one of my husband's favorite shows of all time. So he was always kind of torn between Mary Ann and Ginger. I don't know which he'd SAY he prefers, but I think the scales are slightly tipped at Tina. She was notoriously hot, it's true, and I'm definitely a fan of the red hair. Could she act? No way. But did it really matter, when she managed to look that fantastic in her island evening wear and perfectly positioned ...er...'coconuts'?

4.Michele Carey-The old man is also an avid fan of Elvis Presley movies. I have never liked them much. But 'Live a Little Love a Little' is a particularly mediocre offering so I know that the real draw for him has to be the precocious over-acting and goddess looks of Michele Carey. Her little baby-doll dresses that show off those phenomenal gams, the long overpowering hair in a creepy monotone that blends with her skin, and of course the slightly raspy voice that he seems to enjoy...yeah, that's the stuff that keeps him coming back to such a lame flick.

5.Lorrie Collins- The only fifties gal to make this list, Lorrie was not really an 'actress' per-say. But since she DID appear in one episode of Ozzie and Harriet, I'm including her based on the sheer magnitude of his attraction . Lorrie is the hotter half of the incredibly entertaining rockabilly duo, The Collins Kids, in which she performed with her little brother, Larry.

But she was also Ricky Nelson's first real-life girlfriend, in addition to playing that part on the famous fifties sit-com. She is undeniably lovely and also oozed a sexy cuteness that lots of guys, including mine, adore. Plus, her vocals could be both sweet and sassy, which gave her a little bit of an edge.

Now for the girls that have long been the victim of my own adoring 'crush':

1.Ginger Rogers-sits at the top of the heap. She has long been the ideal, for me, when it comes to fashion sense. I love her tomboyishness that never attempted to hide her blatant femininity. I love the coquettish smile, the slammin' body, the perfect feet, the incredible hairstyles...and of course, the talent. She was always so natural in her performances, so unique and easy with which to identify. But most of all, she was healthy looking and effortlessly glamorous.

2.Grace Kelly-I know, I know. Prdictable choice. But there is a reason she is an icon for fashion and class, even today. It wasnt just the fact that she KNEW how to wear clothes. I loved her brevity, when it came to choosing roles, and her sense of humour. Her hair was always gorgeous, her makeup pefectly applied, and her posture enviable. I love the honey of her voice, the way she she pondered screen shots with her directors, and the generosity she exhibited, even after she became a princess.

3.Cyd Charisse-To me, she's an amped up version of Ava Gardner. They have a similar exotic quality that I love. But where Ava was a better actress, Cyd had just about everything else in her favor. That body was deady...the gorgeous legs, the tiny waist, the elegant neck, the fluid hands. Watching her move is almost euphoric. But she also had a beautiful face and a pleasing voice that only added to the warmth of her personality, offscreen. Mostly, she was cast as the 'femme fatale' and didnt have an opportunity to show how 'real' she could be. But in films like 'It's Always Fair Weather', the real Cyd shows through and she is one of my favorite ladies to watch.

4.Priscilla Lane-I am a sucker for a gal with a sweet face. But Priscilla Lane was also a firecracker with a contagious spirit and a great ability. She could act certainly, and that husky voice of her's could be sultry or saucy, by turn. Her hair was always beautiful and she looked fantastic in a hat. But she gave the impression that her lovely face and hair were hiding far more interesting things beneath them. I can't get enough of her!

5.Paulette Goddard-Paulette will always be the true Scarlet O'Hara, in my eyes. Though Vivien Leigh did a bang-up job, the fact still remains that the studio execs cast Paulette in the part first...and it was based on her talent, not her looks. But looks she did have, and I am pretty obsessed with her. I adore the eyes, the legs, the wink she made famous,the cattiness, and even the sometimes frizzy hair. Watching her movies makes me high...it just does. I thought she was phenomenal opposite Charlie Chaplin, stunning as a sex-kitten, and just had a face that couldnt be lost in the suffle. Not enough people know or love Paulette Goddard...she needs to be recognized.


A Vintage Revival said...

Paulette Goddard, hands down my fave! I love that you picked her.

PaperDoll said...

I have a framed photo of Paulette Goddard, (sleeping with her head on Chaplin's shoulder) in "Modern Times" hanging over my bed! I think she's just gorgeous, her face is such a great mixture of sweetness and smartness!

I've seen "Barefoot in the park" recently, though, and Jane has the most amazing hairdos...

Amanda said...

I'd have to go with your gals. One of my favs, Priscilla Lane, seems to be overlooked a lot these days. She was so sweet and quite good in the films she was in.

bookyeti said...

I enjoyed this! :)
Thanks for sharing.

Amy Jeanne said...

I love the Lane Sisters so much!! Good lists! I'm going to do my husband's later today -- hopefully I'll get a chance (so many meetings this past week!)

Andewyn Designs said...

Barefoot in the Park is one of my faves too, Robert Redford, of course! I'll have to check out more movies with Priscilla Lane and Paulette Goddard~

Andi B. Goode said...

I think my tastes are more like yours. And I do adore Jane Fonda, too. She's definitely one of my vintage girl crushes.
-Andi x

CMK2 said...

Great post. I have never been able to say who my favorite was. I am such a huge fan of classic film woman that every time I am asked I always end up naming 10 or more. So I have to say I love them all the each had their own class and style and it was what made the world fall in love with them.

MUAinTheMaking said...

I really like your choices - they are all so beautiful and sensual!

AminahDiamonds2009 said...

Paulette Goddard is the woman.My heart is hers utterly . Glad you picked her!!

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