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Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diamonds and Dames Episode 10~Evelyn Johnson's Soft Waves for Long Hair

I have received many requests for a hairstyle similar to Evelyn Johnson of the 2001 film, Pearl Harbor. My hair is still not quite long enough to make a truly successful go of it, but you get the idea.

The style is long soft waves, with very few layers. I don't consider it a truly authentic look for the time period (1941) but it is glamorous and works well for the modern film. It also suits Beckinsale well. Most ladies of this time period did not have very long hair, since it would not have been considered practical for wartime. Also, it's quite evident in the film that Hawaii's humidity played a large part in whether Kate wore her hair smooth or more 'natural', such as in the scene where she is sitting by the ocean with a flower over her ear.

To accomplish the style:
Step 1:I started with clean hair. While my hair was still damp from the shower, I sprayed it thru with a leave in conditioner (Aussi Hair Insurance) and my favorite grooming Spray (HW's Grooming Spray, available here on my shop). Then I dried it thoroughly and set it in a combination of dry pin curls and hot rollers.

Step 2: Once my rollers were cooled, I brushed out the set thoroughly. To form a wave over the eye, and blend my short bangs seamlessly into that wave, I used duckbill clips and hairspray.

Step 3: I finished by spraying again and shaping the waves with my fingers.

*A quick word about makeup. The lipstick I am wearing in the video and the above photo is the Julie Hewett lipstick, 'Femme Noir'.
The 'Noir Reds' collection was actually created by Julie on the set of 'Pearl Harbor', when she couldn't find a traditional 1940's red in her kit. I believe you can spot the signature gold tube in the dramatic scene in which Evelyn must mark on the foreheads of the wounded soldiers, after Pearl Harbor is attacked. The formula is wonderful and the look is very authentic.

See the tutorial video for this style and a truer representation of the lipstick color here:

_Pearl Harbor (2001)
Directed By: Michael Bay
Starring: Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck, and Kate Beckinsale

Film Synopsis: Best friends since childhood, Danny and Rafe want nothing more than to represent the United States Air Force by being the best pilots they can be, as WW2 looms ahead. Their mutual goal brings them to the attention of pretty nurse, Evelyn Jones, whose attraction for Rafe is immediate and intense. The two fall deeply in love during the final days before Rafe is sent overseas to fight alongside the British, since America has not yet joined the war. After he leaves, Evelyn and Danny (along with most of their peers)are sent to Pearl Harbor to perform their duties. When Rafe is reported MIA, Evelyn is devastated and turns to Danny who is likewise heartbroken over the loss. Over the course of time, the two find comfort in one another and begin their own love affair. However, their bliss is interrupted when Rafe turns up alive and feels betrayed by both his best friend and his girl. When Pearl Harbor is attacked, the best friends are forced to put their differences on hold and focus on their duties as America enters the war. Evelyn also has serious choices to make, as she helplessly watches from the sidelines.


bookyeti said...

Loooove it! :)

Eirin said...

It looks so smoothe and gorgious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me just say, I LOVE this hair. I wish mine looked like this every day. Love it.

K. Caple said...

Ok so my hair is thick, long, and wavy just like Beckinsale's. I tried 1 in. foam rollers with damp hair in the back and I did pin curls in the front. It didn't really turn out. I did a few elevated pin curls and they worked best. Do you think this would work best to do all over my head? I'm trying to do a style just like this for my wedding (6 weeks out) and I need help.

Miss.Luxie said...

thank you so much! You're amazing!
I love this hair!!

Sultana Rana said...

Just found your youtube videos, must say I really like the concise presentations, and it's very clever to redirect the traffic to your blog for the details. Well done, and lovely results. Now to get back to watching your other videos! Cheers.

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