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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday...1940's Hairstyle Inspired by Lovely Ginger Rogers

This week's tutorial was based loosely on the above photo of Ginger Rogers. I believe this photo is from the late 1940's, perhaps around the era of her reunion with Astaire in 'The Berkley's of Broadway'. There is a maturity about her face and the style that leads me to this conclusion.

Anyway, the style is a lovely, and a somewhat simple one to recreate. Pin curls were probably used but for the sake of time, I opted to use Hot Sticks (literally the only heated set that I feel offers authentic curls). Also, my hair is significantly longer than Rogers' own and therefore, to get an authentic pageboy, it would probably be necessary for me to do some underpinning. I decided to leave the bottom hair loose this time, but you could certainly do the former.

You will need:
Hot Sticks or a good pin curl set, to start.
Mousse or Grooming Spray ( I chose to use HW's Grooming Spray, which I sell here on my store)
A flexible hold gel ( I use Layrite High Performance Hair Gel, also available in my shop)
Tre Semme' Heat Tamer Spray
Flexible Hold Hair Spray
Pomade ( I like a water soluble pomade...and yes, I sell Layrite in the store as well)
Bobby Pins (small and medium sized)
Vented Brush

Step One: Set hair with small rollers in a halo around the top of the head. Use larger rollers on the bottom, all aimed downward.

Step Two: Once set, brush out your curls with a vented hair brush.

Step Three: Pull up the sides. Don't worry about hiding the bobby pins. The pin curls will do this.

Step Four: Using the leftover hair at the top (behind the bobby pins) form a variety of pin curls in a 'tiara' at the crown of the head. You may place them forward or a little further back, depending on taste.

Step five: Brush out the rest of the style to your liking, and add pomade for shine.

Video version of this tutorial (all music by the phenomenal Marti Brom):


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

That's gorgeous and so easy to do! I'll be trying this one very soon. Thank you!!

FairyFiligree said...

I always liked Ginger. Thanks for this tutorial. I'm bookmarking it to watch later on. YOu're always so good at these things - can't wait to try it out.

Marloes said...

Really pretty, I need hot sticks too! I'm surpised how well you can hide your bangs.

家JeneeHazelwood0424愛 said...

you have a good taste!............................................................

Gingerella said...

Your comment "...literally the only heated set that I feel offers authentic curls" has convinced me that I need to get me some Hot Sticks! Great tutorial!

Clover Autrey said...

Love this. I'm looking for 1940s hairstyles as research. Thanks.

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