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Friday, June 25, 2010

Video Review~ 'How to Be a Pin Up Model'~Starring Bettina May and GoGo Amy

For awhile now, I've been hearing great things about the Pin Up Classes offered by experts, Bettina May and GoGo Amy. Both have plenty of experience in the business and lots of useful tips to share, not only for aspiring Pin Up Models but also for those who just want to get the most out of an upcoming photo shoot.

I actually did not know anything about this video guide until I was notified of its existence by a viewer. I immediately contacted Scott at WorldDance New York, where the video is readily available for only about $15.00. Is it worth it? I can honestly say that I think it is...even for those of you who might not be seeking Pin Up modeling as your career.

The video begins with an introduction to the instructors, Bettina and Amy. There are a few awkward camera angles during this segment but these quickly give way to the 'Make Up' portion of the video, where Amy gives us fail safe application techniques to achieve that signature Pin Up Look. I would like to have seen some eyeshadow application during this tutorial, but since the main focus of vintage makeup is the lashes, I understand why it wasn't included. There is a very nice close-up view of winged liner and false eyelash application that is sure to be helpful for novices. The makeup tutorial also puts a lot of emphasis on pink cheeks and red lips, which are key aspects of a Pin Up look. I especially appreciated Amy's reminders about photography and how makeup can be used to capture an authentic retro photograph. Youtube enthusiasts may notice that mid-way through the eyeliner or lipstick application, the look may seem a bit messy. This is a common feature in makeup that requires precise lines and is easily corrected, as Amy effortlessly shows.

Next we have the hair-styling segment of the guide. Bettina May's wonderful red curls are definitely enviable and it's obvious that she knows her stuff. It's fun to watch Amy bat her eyes at us during the setting portion, utilizing her posing skills whenever possible. Bettina uses sponge rollers and wire rollers on Amy's long thick hair, so the rolling segment goes on a little long. This would not have been as much of an issue if the music weren't a bit tedious. It's set on a loop, I believe, and therefore begins to distract a bit from Bettina's interesting comments about Period Styling. I think we might have gotten just as much out of the tutorial if the setting of the hair had been cut/sped up a bit so as to offer a more upbeat feel to the scene. As it stands, this was not a huge hindrance to my enjoyment of watching Bettina work, and the finished product was beautiful. There is a wonderfully detailed close-up of Victory Roll styling that many of you will find very useful, especially since it shows exactly where to place the bobby pins for best results.

Perhaps the most invaluable portion of the video is the tips for posing that both ladies offer, to create not only authentic hourglass shapes for vintage inspired photography, but also to hide areas of the figure that we might not want to be the focal point. Bettina and Amy show us how to highlight our best features while camouflaging the ones that make us pout.

All in all, I think this video is a good one for the price. And you don't have to be an aspiring model to benefit from the instructions. Lots of talented photographers offer fabulous retro-inspired photo shoots to anyone who wants to channel their 'inner Pin Up' for the day!

Photo by Celeste Giuliano photography


Bree said...

this looks like a fun video! please enter my blog giveaway

Gingerella said...

This is going on my Christmas wish list! :)

bookyeti said...

Loved your review...thanks for that! :) Must look into this!

Mrsblogalot said...

Your blog is a beauty!

Rebekah said...

I got the video and got a lot out of the posing and cat eyes. A little disappointed with the hair segment. It was tips that are easy to find on youtube. I really really really wanted to see how Bettina May did her hair. We sort of saw it in the bonus but it was so fast, I had no clue how she rolled it, brushed it or got that wonderful wave on the side of her hair.

Still worth buying though. :)

Pinupmania said...

Un clin d'oeil à Gil Elvgren.
Congratulations for your blog.

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