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Audrey Hepburn

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Signature Work of Carmela

In the world of vintage hair styling, there are a few names today that stand out above all others. One of those names is Carmela Melecio. Many of you may know her as the mother of Pin Up Model (and face of dollface design)Miss Lady Luck. Others of you may recognize her signature styles from the Retro Do's myspace page. But make no mistake, if you have been a fan of the pin up/rockabilly style scene for any length of time, you have seen her work.

One of the things that makes Carmela's work so remarkable is how easy it is to recognize. I stopped several girls at the Shifter's Car Show this past April who had been styled by Carmela just to make sure that it was indeed one of her styles.
I was never wrong. There is something so beautifully unique about her creations, something about the height, the sheer volume, the artful lines...it's impossible to miss. And I am inspired by her on a daily basis. Traditional vintage styling can be taught. But creativity like this comes from inborn talent.

I felt it was high time to devote a post to her brilliant and effortless styles because honestly, she sets a standard and makes a mark that no one else can claim. I have recently heard that she has been working on a book and I ,for one, am going to be first in line to snag me a copy. I hope to review it for you when it is released and am looking forward to seeing and reading about more of her glamorous but edgy creations.


Miss Creativity said...

Love the hair styles and love the colours. Looking forward to your review on the book.

vanidevecchis said...

I didn't know her, but I'm having a look at her creation now and they're stunning!
Thank you to introduce her to me!!!

Bunny (www.swingbunny.com).

Amanda Awesome said...

If you're going to be first in line for her book, I will be second.

I can't wait!

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