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Audrey Hepburn

Monday, March 28, 2011

'Viva 2011'...Packing for the Rockabilly Weekender

As most of you know, my husband and I have been attending the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender in Las Vegas for a few years now. Over time, I've come to have a more educated eye when it comes to how I should pack and what items are definite 'musts' on the trip. This post is NOT meant to tell you what to wear or to imply that your not heeding these tips will somehow result in your being an outcast or having less fun. It is merely a little guide to help you determine what YOU should bring along based on your own personal taste and resources. For more great options, check out the blog of my favorite Temperamental Broad. She tends towards one of a kind vintage pieces in place of the reproduction duds I settle for. She can surely point you 'thrifty' types in the right direction.

This post will discuss outfit suggestions, not packing tips. I linked a video at the bottom of the page that has a few ideas in that department.

Travel Day

Some of you will be arriving on Thursday...We,however, like to get a leg up on the check-in lines and arrive Wednesday night. We also find that airfare is significantly cheaper on Wednesday night, so much so that paying for an extra night's stay is more than justified. For travel, I opt for something easy and wrinkle-free, with super comfy footwear. I don't know about you, but my airport (and the Las Vegas airport) requires lots of walking. I used to wear jeans and a comfy tank or tee shirt on airplane rides. Recently, I discovered that jeans are NOT comfortable. I'm surprised it took me this long to figure it out. I guess it was the purple imprint on my abdomen from that unflexible waistline that finally made me realize that a nice stretchy pull-on skirt or jersey dress was a better option. For walking, I like to wear a pair of low-heeled shoes that I've worn LOTS...we don't want any surprises in the blister department. If you opt to wear a sundress, similar to the one pictured below, make sure to bring a little sweater since temperatures in airports and on planes tend to fluctuate wildly.

Dress from Le Bomb Shop

Shoes from Espadrilles Etcetera

Day Events
Day One is a good day to relax and get settled in. Pick up your wristband (if applicable), eat a lazy breakfast, lay out by the lovely pool that the Orleans offers. If you're wanting to visit the strip, Thursday is a good day to do it. Once the events start, you'll likely want to stay on site. We like to visit center strip to eat a good meal at least once during our stay since, let's face it, the Orleans has limited eating digs. I make reservations well in advance so that we can get good outdoor seating at our restaurant of choice and enjoy the (usually)beautiful weather. Opt for a casual dress or pair of trousers along with a comfy pair of quality wedge shoes. Incidentally, the Remix shoes I purchased at Viva last year are my single favorite pair of shoes ever. ;-)

Trousers from Heyday Clothing

Shoes from Remix Vintage Shoes

This attire would likewise work for the rest of the daytime events, so pack according to your taste.

Evening Events:
For evening, the record hops and bands kick into high gear. If you dance, get out your dancing shoes and swing dresses.
'Stop Staring' Satin 'Lolita' Dress available at Daddy O's.

Or if you're the wallflower type, go for some killer heels and a wiggle dress.

Items from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Pool Parties
This year is the first boasting 3 pool parties! The last two years have shown how popular this event is, and therefore the 'powers that be' have opted to schedule three of them, to allow more time to enjoy the festivities. It's a great option for photos and downtime alike. Find you a great vintage or reproduction vintage bathing suit. Usually they're universally flattering and quite practical as well.

Bathing Suit from 'Jitterbuggin' on Etsy

If you'd prefer to stay more covered up, opt for a playsuit or two piece lounge wear.

Pin up pants and top by Whirling Turban

Car Show:The Shifter's Car Show on Saturday is really a wildcard, when it comes to fashion. Some gals and guys come in full-on 'costume'; some take the laid back route with jeans and tee shirts...most fall somewhere in between. The cars provide great photo opportunities and their owners just LOVE for a classily clad dame to pose alongside them. Whatever you choose to wear, be it playsuit, bikini, blue jeans, dress, or lingerie...make sure you're well protected from the sun and comfortable. The car show covers a lot of ground and the bands play at an open stage where seating is nonexistent. You'll be standing, make no mistake. I like to bring a little bag along, carrying sunblock and an extra pair of more comfortable shoes, just in case. The trip back to the hotel room is a long one.

Playsuit by Vintage Suits by Mary
Sundress by Heartbreaker Fashion

That about does it, for now. Look for more Viva related posts as the weeks go by. And don't forget to check my youtube channel for hairstyle options as well.

Til then...xxoo,


Temperamental Broad said...

Awwww Thanks for the link to my blog! I need to get another Viva post in soon but I've been slacking. You covered a lot of great tips though! Can't wait to see you there!

Eirin said...

Great post, and I love the packing-tip tutorial. I travel a lot myself, and end up with bobby pins for pin curls and my curling iron. I really would like those hotsticks... My hotrollers are just to much to bring along. Wish you a delightful trip. Are Ruby coming with you? love!!!!

Vivcore said...

What a great post!! i had really hoped to have been able to go this year, but 2011 killed my travel budget so early on I'm kinda glad I was slack on getting tickets.

I hope you have a great time!

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