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Monday, December 19, 2011

Scott H. Biram and the Thankless City

So Scott H. Biram is returning to the Hitone Cafe on January 28th and I have a few words for Memphis Tennessee.

Why is it that so few of you 'blues fans' are showing up for his shows? He's performed at the Hitone several times and always the turn-out is slimmer than it should be. Scott H. Biram is a blues musician with deeply apparant influences of hillbilly, country, and punk-all of which make for an amazing live performance. His work is gritty and poignant and powerful-everything a blues show should be. So why are the hot spots on Beale, replete with their endless selection of tepid Delbert McClinton cover acts, receiving all the attention when such greatness is only a couple of miles down the road? You tell me. I'm going to be generous and assume that it's because people simply don't know he's there, or that they haven't taken the time to discover he or other great acts like him. For the readers of this post, both of those reasons should no longer exist.

I am not after an enormous number of viewers on Youtube. I will never be a candidate for 'King of the Web' and I will likely never ask you to vote me into a top spot of some kind. What I will do is ask that you pass this blog link around to anyone you think might be willing to promote this show or drive to attend it. I'll venture to say that even if you live a few hours from Memphis (or any of the other cities on his tour), you'll find it well worth your time to make the trip. I have always made it a point to expose my viewers to great music and I am so happy when you all tell me that you've discovered someone due to the music on my channel. I hope that if you haven't heard of Scott H. Biram before now, you are now a fan. And if you did know about him, that you're doing what you can to support him by purchasing his music and attending his shows.

I was born and raised in Memphis. I love the musical history in my home town and wish that the artists that create lovingly authentic music in the same genres that made the city famous could continue to rely on it for appreciation and acknowledgement.

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Y said...

awesome!!! Thank you so much for turning me onto Scott! I want to hear more!

Happyfacehippie said...


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