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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Saturday, April 21, 2012

VLV 15-My 2012 Experience-Day 2

Day Two-Saturday Early risers aren't the 'norm' in Vegas, so it wasn't surprising to be the only person walking the halls as I made my way to Lulu's room to get ready for our Whirling Turban meet n' greet and the car show. The group photo was set for 11:30 so we hurried to unroll, powder, brush, apply, and accessorize as quickly as possible. Lulu wore a vintage Mexican circle skirt with a Hawaiian Heaven corselet top trimmed in green eyelet. She put her amazing hair up into an enviably simple Betty Grable style up do with several huge flowers in a similar shade to her hair.
Brooke (Miss Moose) went 'red' for the occasion and showed off her curves in a stunning two piece wing bust/sarong skirt dress of peacock blue:
I put her hair in a wind proof 'net' and spiced it up with tropical flowers:
My dress was a new design idea, a full skirted Shaheen Dream in emerald green. The bow detail really should be placed at the base of the sash, in retrospect, but it still was a stunning dress:
I opted for simple hair and ridiculous flowers:
The photo shoot was a ton of fun and I hope we can repeat it next year, with even more participants (and a later hour! haha):
From the photo shoot, we finally ate some lunch, met up with our friends, and headed out to the car show. Such great shopping this year, to add to the music and gorgeous cars!:
We managed to take a break mid day to attend the Saturday pool party and root for our friends in the vintage swimsuit contest for couples.
But heading back to the car show after the hottest part of the day is always one of the highlights, both for photos and viewing the cars.
Even caught a few shots with Lisa Freemont Street fans on the way back in:
For Evening, we made a quick run to dinner, changed into evening attire in record time, and then headed off to catch the Saturday offering of entertainment- Wayne Hancock and JD McPherson.
I actually managed to get to bed by 1am...some kind of record for a Viva Saturday. But it had been a very long day! End Day Two.


art deco dame said...

Great photos!You look amazing in all of them and looks like a good time was had.

Jojo said...

You all look beautiful!! :) xoxo

Joyness Sparkles said...

Wow...I can only hope to look that good someday. :)

Jocie C Kelton said...

Think the green dress is my favorite of yours for the weekend.

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