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Friday, August 17, 2012

Affiliate Affection: A Whirling Turban Testimonial

It's been a while since I've mentioned my affiliates here on my blog and I think that's because I was gearing up for this new project. Once or twice a month, I'll be featuring a Whirling Turban bride who has supplied a testimonial of her experience. I think this is important since the idea of ordering your dress on line can be such a daunting concept and is actually warned against by most bridal shops and magazines. However the Whirling Turban wedding dress experience is very different than simply ordering a stock sized dress and hoping it will work. It's a tried and true process that uses your precise measurements to create a movie-star fit, probably a better one than any garment you'll ever own.

I hope you enjoy this feature and will give Whirling Turban a chance for your next big event. And thanks so much to Australian bride Melissa for providing us w/ her gorgeous photos and sweet story.


The Wedding Plan:
Chris and I met in high school 10 years ago, and when we decided to get married, our main focus was on keeping things simple. We wanted our wedding to be uncomplicated and within a small budget. Neither of us are very good at following the norm...hey we dated for 10 years before getting married! So we decided to approach the event in our own way and not worry about what other people thought. Anything we could make ourselves, we did, doing away with a lot of pointless spending, and instead focusing on items we could re-use or re-purpose.

I love vintage style but when looking for a venue we quickly realised that something local would get out of control numbers-wise, so we decided to elope to Vegas! Surprisingly enough our closest friends and family were so keen to celebrate with us ,they decided to join us in Vegas for our retro Elvis-Inspired wedding.

The Dress:

I looked everywhere online for a dress and after an outing to local bridal shops quickly realised they had nothing in my taste or budget - I was not interested in paying overly inflated prices just because it had the word 'wedding' attached.

I had stumbled across Whirling turban a few years ago and saved some dress pictures into my wedding file. While looking for a dress, I just couldn't find anything I liked as much as the Whirling Turban dress!

After reading a bit more about the company and the ordering process I decided to give ordering a dress a go. I got a quote and was happy to find it fell within my budget; and the best part for me was that I could customize the dress to my choice of colour,fabric, style, and size. I liked knowing that the dress would be made to order and unique to me, and I was able to have a range of fabric samples sent out before committing to buy the dress so I could be sure of my choice.
I wasn't overly worried about ordering my dress online - I had planned and booked most of my wedding online and have been fortunate to always have positive experiences. The dress was paid for in stages and I was sent a fitting garment (loaner bodice) to check for size, so I felt confident that the girls at Whirling Turban knew what they were doing. I sent lots of emails and they always got back to me which was very reassuring.

I was so happy when the dress arrived; it was just what I wanted! I had lost a little weight during the ordering process, but had expected to take the dress to be altered locally if needed. In the end it cost me about $60 to have a local dressmaker take the dress in a little around my hips and then it was just perfect. I couldn't be happier with my dress. I cant decide if I should keep the dress as a memento or if I should dye it another colour so I can wear it more often...Perhaps I should just order another few dresses!

Thank you to the girls at Whirling turban for providing the great service that they do! Finding a vintage inspired dress in a classic style is quite difficult, and the quality of the fabric and dress were both excellent. I hope to be able to add to my collection in time.


(Melissa wore our Liz wedding dress design as pictured above, replacing the 3/4 sleeve with a short sleeve that was more in keeping with her vision and venue. We absolutely LOVE the elegant broach she added at the hip and her simple but stunning choice of birdcage veil. We wish you and Chris the best, and are thrilled to have been a part of your wedding day!-Love, Whirling Turban)

Photos by Dott Photography: www.dottphotography.com


Gabby said...

Great choice. This dress is absolutely delicious! I would love to own it in red, but at $725 I would need to get married again to do that. lol

Crinoline Dame said...

I've just begun to speak with Ashley at WT about my dress for my Elvis elopement in Vegas! Reading this has put me totally at ease with the process. I could only think to be wearing a WT dress when walking down the aisle!

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