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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top Ten Celebrity Mustaches

As we move into 'Movember', the emphasis on growing facial hair has become unavoidable. Top ten mustache (or moustache, if you prefer) lists have popped up everywhere, so I decided to jump on board as well. Here is my list of the top ten celebrity mustaches of all time. Enjoy and feel free to voice your own opinion in the comment section.

10. The Mellow Mushroom:
Face it, if you drew a line drawing of Frank Zappa's facial hair and nothing else, he'd still be recognizable. That makes a successful mustache, in my opinion. And no, I guess the square on his chin is not technically part of the lip coiffure, but there is no doubt it's a strong supporter.

9.The Square Deal:

Hard to overlook the Queenly mustache of Freddie Mercury. Before the mustache, he was just a square chinned fella with an incredible voice. After the mustache, he had a new lease on masculinity and just the right mustache shape to accentuate that famous jawline. When we think of Freddie, we seldom think of the pre-mustache days.

8.The Surrealist:

Salvador Dali grew a mustache that perfectly suited his artistic prowess and creative sensibilities. It should have died with him. Anyone who grows this style of mustache now must accept the fact that it will inevitably pale in comparison.

7.The Star Maker:

Clark Gable was a big star without his mustache. But when he meticulously grew that ever so thin and distinguished line above his lip, he became a legend.

6.The Crooner:

Someone else originally had this spot. But then I remembered Jim Croce's legendary siesta of a mustache that waltzed up and down when he sang. Enough said.

5.The Hirsute:

I think Tom Selleck appears on every one of these lists, and with good reason. Not only is Magnum a picture of manly excellence with his legendary mustache, but he made hairy men everywhere feel sexy again.

4.The Perfect Disguise:
I once saw a photo of John Oates without his mustache and had no idea who he was. I think if you can do something as simple as shave a 4 inch segment of hair off of your face and gain instant 'incognito', that must mean it was a great mustache indeed.

3.The Great Dictator:

Don't worry...not Hitler. Chaplin. Just turn a rectangle into a slight trapezoid and you have the Little Tramp that did not attempt to take over the world.

2.The Silver Fox:

Sam Elliot doesn't appear so high on most lists of this type, but the man grows hair art on his upper lip. An amazing blend of personality and facial hair excellence. I'm usually a bit depressed when he shaves it for a role, but then it comes back in all its luxuriant silver glory and I forgive him. I think it's the eyes. They demand forgiveness.

1.The King:

There are actors with mustaches and musicians with mustaches. And then there is the man who is a celebrity for just having one. Burke Kenney. I know, at first glance this seems more an exhibit of beard growing than of mustachery. But look again. The man has no mouth. This requires extraordinary commitment, no? The mustache flows freely over his lips to harmonize completely with his long hair and beard...that is, unless he chooses to style it. Then it does this:

Yeah, Burke has pretty eyes, shiny hair,and a big ol' beard. But the mustache is his true claim to fame if you ask me.

And that's my list.




Gemma-Marie Cox said...

I love that you didn't forget the amazing Freddie Mercury! He looked brilliant with his moustache :D

Hope the move went well for you and am looking forward to what you post next :)

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