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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sponsor Salute: November/ December 2012

Gift Giving is on the brain this time of year, whether you are a celebrator of a December Holiday or not (like me). The sales and specials make shopping a no brainer, if you've got the means to take advantage of them. Some of my sponsors have some great deals to offer as well. I thought I'd make this month's 'salute' a little showcase of things I think would make great gifts and why, no matter when you choose to give them.

From Belle Blossoms, a few pretty shoe clips have been added to the wide range of options Heather offers to glamour girls of all ages. These clips are sturdy and made to last, like all of the accessories on the site. Most ladies don't think about dressing up their plain pumps this way and I think they'd make a great gift because it's an unpredictable choice. Price range: 12.99-17.99 US.

I was amazed to see that Dolly Bags had released a slew of new items on Beth's Etsy Page, where items are significanty reduced based on their being ready made and not customized. While Dolly does still offer some great options for customizing your own 'perfect purse', these Etsy 'steals' are the way to go when you are buying a last minute gift for yourself or a family member. The best deal, in my opinion, are these wonderful 'mini bags'. At 12.00, they're a great buy, not only because of the great variety of fabrics and amazing quality, but because they're such a versatile item to have! I can vouch for that; I have four. And nothing works better for quick trips to the store or jaunts around a theme park since they can be worn on the wrist.

Queen of Heartz has always had a great variety of vintage inspired clothing options and accessories. I thought this darling romper would make a great gift! At 120.00, it reflects the quality of the piece while not being extraordinarily expensive, and it comes in sizes from XS to 3X. It would be an inspiring thing for a gal to take on vacation and to plan her beach wardrobe around. Plus, it can be dressed up or down as the situation allows.

I have always loved the authenticity of the pieces at Heyday Clothing and instead of just picking one thing to make a great luxury gift, I think I'd just go for a gift voucher! Available from 10 English pounds to 1,000 (there is a price conversion chart available for you US gals), the vouchers can be used to set up your significant other in vintage quality duds for years to come.

For the girl who is interested in achieving that perfect pin curl set, what better gift than the Sculpture Pin Curler available from Vintage Hair? I've discussed this handy tool in my videos and I consider it a worthy investment, especially for ladies used to using rollers and trying to get more comfortable with creating this type of set. Shipping is very inexpensive as well:

Art collectors will love Kelly Grace's vintage lifestyle series on Etsy. Featuring 50's era fashion and hobbies, this collection immediately calls to mind another time with subtle colors that also speak of the era. Uniquely Kelly Grace:

I am proud to introduce a new sponsor, Queenie May's Vintage Skincare. I can't wait to review this product for you on my channel but until then, let's just say that skin care can be luxurious too. Made from a 1930's recipe, Queenie May's authentic cold cream and vanishing cream not only takes you back to grandmother's boudoir with the beautiful packaging, but also leaves dry skin feeling supple and soft and smelling of roses. A wonderful product and a wonderful gift idea.

And last but not least, The Darling Plum boasts a lot of great gift-worthy items but my absolute favorite right now is Ursula's adorable 1940's dressing gowns, made from a vintage pattern and created in whimsical designs and prints. I can't wait to wear mine in a coming video! It's so well made and comfortable, the perfect 'getting ready' attire to set a glamorous mood and provide modest coverage.
These unique gowns are a great deal at 150.00 US.

I hope you are all enjoying the season and staying warm.



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