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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This week on Lisa Freemont Street:

Hello Friends. :)
This week on Lisa Freemont Street I dealt with a few requests that I had received as well as started a new series for my film review channel.

On Tuesday, which is 'filming day' for me, I first filmed a Hot Sticks tutorial, showcasing not only an in depth how-to for these great curlers but also product suggestions and reasons why they work so well for curling straight hair in a Retro setting:

Also, I was able to film a review for Micheline Pitt's highly anticipated DVD: Modern PinUp Makeup and Hair. It's a great dvd, if a bit cumbersome, and worthy of your collection! I am always after new and exciting things to enter into my makeup arsenal and this set contains quite a few invaluable tips! I give it a solid 7/10.

This week, as I mentioned, I started a new series! I now have started the Hitchcock review series for my movie review channel. I'm so excited about this adventure and hope all of you enjoy the reviews, which I HOPE to keep to a watchable 5 minutes. I'm also hoping to involve a few youtubers in the NON beauty related world on Youtube. ;-)

Thanks again for all your support!



Adi said...

Very awesome! I found your YouTube channel and subscribed + follow your blog now. I can't wait to try the hairstyles that you do tutorials on. :)


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! I have awful, kinky, unmanagable hair and I've always found that heat curling gives me the soft sleek curls I want and I've been wanting to look at hot sticks as a means to curl without frying! Invaluable information!

Authentic Alice said...

really enjoyed looking through your blog!!

Will definitely be back when I need some inspiration!

Authentic Alice

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