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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Week in Freemont Street

This week on Lisa Freemont Street, the 1940's were king.

Tuesday's tutorial was in response to several requests I received to resurrect a series I started in 2010, for High Humidity hairstyles. Here in Memphis, humidity and heat can be mercilessly equal during the hottest part of the summer, making the weather very difficult to endure. So having a few structured hairstyles in your repertoire can be a life-saver on those days that even your pin curls won't work out.

A snood is a great option for high humidity environments and this style is a simple, wearable 1940's look that is flattering and practical. The snoods I used this week are courtesy of Bombshell Beth snoods, and are handmade in a variety of colors and densities. I love that the one I used has beading, so it will also work beautifully for evening, especially when paired with victory rolls:

In keeping with the 1940s theme, we also paid a visit to Heyday! Vintage Fashion. Shona's designs are so authentic to the eras from which she takes inspiration, and they're so flattering as well!

Finally, I did a product review for Wen Haircare, that conditioning shampoo treatment you see on all the infomercials. Since so many people seem to have a love/hate relationship with Chaz Dean, the product's creator, I chose to review the product with as unbiased an eye (and head) as possible. I guess you'll see my opinion when you click on the video below:

The week had actually opened with a belated Drugstore Dubstep, shot from my car, for Maybellines Dark circle Eraser and I hope to bang out a few more of these in the near future as well.

Thanks again for your continued views and support. Next week, I am hoping to create something a bit more modern and edgy as well as my first makeup tutorial with the new set up. I also plan a couple of product reviews, as usual.



Adi said...

I love it! I'd definetley want to try wearing a snood every now and then. I'll check out the website right now.
And I agree with you on your Wen review. I've used just a small dab of that conditioner before and it leaves my scalp and hair feeling a little greasy so I immediately stopped. I use the cucumber mint conditioner. I don't like the smell but it did help my hair grow a little.


Stephanie Jay Em said...

I have been utilizing the snood this week. In Philly it has been a mostly comfortable temperature (mid seventies to eighty) but the humidity has been hovering around 85%. I got caught in flash flood type downpour on my bike on the way to work and showed up completely soaked. I had my hair in a snood with a little front roll for the bangs and it somehow stayed perfect the whole time. Had I chosen any other hairstyle I would have looked like a sad wet noodle for the entirety of my shift. :)

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