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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Check In: The Viva Fit Club

This week is 'shaping up' nicely. See what I did there? ;-)

I started out the week with a busy Monday that didn't allow time even for a work out. I soothed myself by eating healthy and trying my best not to slack up.

Thankfully, Tuesday-Thursday have been right on routine and I've been staying within my nutrition goals as well as spending a good 30-45 minutes exercising. I have been struggling with how much to alter my calorie intake according to my fitness goals. I've done some research and find that if I keep my calorie intake to 'maintain' my weight and 'lift heavy', I would lose inches instead of pounds. Unfortunately, it isnt in my budget to purchase weights so I'm sticking to strenuous calisthenics for now. I'll be wrapping up my week with Pilates. So its three days of cardio and two days of resistance training for now.

We'll see how that goes.

So far, no inches lost...2 lbs down.

Til Next time,

So Long, Dearies!



KittyMeow said...

Hello hello! I am going to sound like advertising - but if you want some great fitness videos and shaping up without having to buy weights, look up FitnessBlender on YouTube. Theyre my fave fitness channel cos all their vids are free and its run by a Canadian couple who are just the coolest peeps! They make fitness really accessible and realistic.
Ive done quite a few of their videos and paid the $6 or so for their 8 week program which is a PDF with handy info and links to their vids in an order which will get you looking good in no time.
Give it a shot :-D

Betsy said...

If you want to do strength training you don't need to use weights. Bodyweight exercises, like push-ups, planks, burpees, are excellent ways to build muscle while burning fat.

jewlover2 said...

Thanks Kitty! I'll check it out!

meg said...

Hey there Ashley!

Been following your fitness goals here because I too recently jumped into a program of my own -- even have Jon on the bandwagon! ; )

Before this awful cold caught me (meh!) we were on day seven of Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred. Picked up the DVD on a whim at Walmart and had to quick-research the claims: 20-min workouts each day that change your body in a month? Welp, over 4,000 folks have reviewed the program on Amazon and it has almost a 5-star rating. Hmmm...

I'm elated to report that after just a week of doing it, Jon & I both agree that it's pretty amazing. Our endurance levels boosted by day 3 & 4, our energy lasts throughout the day, and we both feel much stronger. The ace in the hole for Jon was that it only takes 20 mins (we budget 1/2 hr in reality). We do it first thing in the morning about 6:30am and fairly quickly follow it up with breakfast. Then off we go for the day's activities!

Being someone who loved & used "The Firm" workout series for years but got tired of the dedicated hour long sessions, this 20-min interval training workout is pretty slick. Intense but not impossible at all! As soon as I feel up to snuff, I'm getting right back into it. : )

So there's my two cents -- and for a busy working mama like yourself, it might just be right up your alley! Thought I'd share. Yay for health! Lol!

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