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Friday, June 6, 2014

Product Review: Suavecita Pomade

A few months ago, the fellas from Suavecito contacted me, probably based on my reviews for similar products on Youtube and here. I suspect that they wanted to get their feminine pomade in the hands of as many bloggers as possible, which I respect.

So for the duration of this review, let's forget for a moment that I am a die-hard advocate of Layrite, for both males and females. Let's forget I ever sold it, reviewed it, or formed a friendship with the creator and his crew.

A product that is promoted as being specifically for a female stylist should stand on its own and not need to be compared to anything else and I'm sure that's why they gave this to me to try.

So let's start with the packaging:
The signature skull-faced logo with the cute victory rolls is eye-catching, for sure. But in my mind, it seems very targeted. Uncomfortably so. I can't imagine a conservative vintage lover in her 50's, with no knowledge of the west coast rockabilly scene, sitting at her antique dressing table and reaching for this container, or leaving it out on display to accompany her heirloom lady-head vases and sterling brush set. I personally prefer a more subtle packaging with a classic feel, even in a disposable product. For ladies, I prefer a neat,clean design and ageless appeal. This doesn't really have that, in my opinion.

The fragrance: At first sniff, I was puzzled by how strong the fragrance hit me. It calls to mind a hairspray, not a pomade, and there is a hint of alcohol there that is hard for me to ignore. After application, the odor lingers and I found that even my wonderfully scented (in my opinion) Vintage Hair products (from Sally Beauty)could not overpower it. This is a big negative for me, because I love the scent of my shampoo and current styling products, so I don't want my pomade to cancel them out. :(

The product: This is advertised as a light-hold item and makes the following claims:
Suavecita is designed to be versatile in achieving any number of the following tasks:

Texturize Hair
Eliminate Fly Aways or Frizziness
Add Shine
Polish Curls & Waves
Sculpt & Hold Form

My thoughts:

I didn't find it beneficial for texturizing since its slick texture dries quickly and makes the hair difficult to work afterwards. It leaves a bit more 'crunch' than I'm used to, and I did see some flaking after a few hours of wear, so very light application was necessary to combat that. This is true of most water soluble pomades however, so keep that in mind when working with them.

It does eliminate fly-aways and frizz, but for thick or textured hair, I would probably suggest a more emollient product, something perhaps with an oil base that will condition as it tames. This will dry over time and stray pieces or hairs will likely begin to stray a bit. The same is true of the shine, which is lovely to start, but tends to dull as the product dries. For those of us with thin, fine hair, this is a great product for shine, to start, but I would always suggest topping it off with a dry oil spray as well, so the shine lasts.

It's a decent option for polishing curls and waves, but again, use a light hand because the product can pull out the waves on us straight-haired ladies if you overdo it.

For sculpting and holding more elaborate rolls, I do like the result. The only thing I'd recommend is that you not try to brush through straight or fine hair after application, using it instead to mold and shape existing rolls with your hands. Attempting to re-style hair after applying this pomade could cause problems.

That's about it. It's not awful, but the scent and the dryness are pretty big drawbacks. All in all, I'd suggest getting a sample before you splurge.

Let me know if you have any questions about this product...I'm happy to chat with you about it.

Til then, So long Dearies!



Diana Gonzalez said...

I'm a thin haired gal and I can't brag enough about Suavecita. I love everything about it. I love the packaging, the scent, and it does everything I need it to do to my hair. I agree an older lady in her 50's won't use this, but I don't think that's their target market. Needless to say, I proudly display my Suavecita pomade on my bathroom counter :)

jewlover2 said...

Hi Diana, thanks for your input. I guess I just don't know why a company would limit themselves by targeting such a specific audience. Kind of sad, if you ask me, since a product should be universally packaged if it's going to be universally loved.

Kitty Mae Packard said...

I bought this product at Viva this year and I am one of those thick haired girls. Here's my opinion. I loved it because I used a light hand the few times I used it at first... then came "Pin Up Parade" at Disneyland and I ran into problems that you mention here. I needed my do to last well... it didn't.

1. "It's a decent option for polishing curls and waves, but again, use a light hand because the product can pull out the waves on us straight-haired ladies if you overdo it. " - SPOT ON... this product made my curls fall apart. and I had a wet set. Never before had I had this problem. Usually with a wet set my curls are there till I wash my hair.

2. "the shine, which is lovely to start, but tends to dull as the product dries" AGAIN true. I noticed this in pictures later... I have since fixed that issue by lightly spraying Vintage Glam Thermal Shine spray over my finished hair do.

Overall I like it. I do LOVE the scent! Gotta admit that's what attracted me to it in the first place. I think this is perfect to use LIGHTLY to polish the top layer of my curls, but I still need to use other products to seal the deal. I might look into other options and see what might work better. Can't say I wouldn't buy it again tho... out of all the pomades I've bought, I like it best. Just gotta use LIGHTLY.

Thanks Ashley!!

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