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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Monday, January 25, 2016

Pixie Grow Out- Six Months

As most of you know, last summer I decided to take the plunge and get myself a Pixie Haircut for the first time. It will probably be the last time since I am a gal who loves versatility. But I loved it and since my express purpose in getting it was to grow it out, I decided to chronicle the six months I had it, in pictures, for those of you who might like to try it but who feel that it's too big a step. It's really not, especially if, like me, you have fast-growing locks. For the heat of summer, it was absolutely perfect. And I loved all of the transitions along the way, that allowed for such a wide range of vintage looks.

So here was my hair on the day it was cut. A nice Audrey Hepburn length, that hugged my head nicely. My stylist, Robin Tucker, said my hair was pretty difficult to cut because I have some cowlicks and skull dents (yep, dents) that made it hard to get truly consistent overall. So make sure if you go for the pixie, that you have a renowned stylist. They will not typically be found at your local 'Great Clips' and they will likely cost a pretty penny. But believe me, you don't want so-so technicians giving you a drastic cut.

When I got home, I decided to give myself a little bit of wave with a flat iron. It was pretty hard to use anything but heated tools on my hair at this stage and I do hate that because my hair became much more damaged than I'm accustomed to over the course of the time it was this short.

Eventually I began to play around with styling it away from my face. A few weeks after the initial cut, the bang portion was long enough to sweep back into a single bobby pin and I enjoyed the sort of chic change.

By August, pin curls were more easily accomplished. I focused only on setting the top hair, using a flat iron or small curling iron to slightly curve the back. I showcased this style in a video, which was part one of my Pixie Grow Out series on Youtube.

Next, I featured a roller set, after a few more weeks had passed. The look is entirely different and ended up being a fun favorite as well. By this point, the hair over my ears was becoming something of a 'beginner bob'.

Around this time, I decided to go red again...possibly because the blonde hair at the length it was made me feel a bit like my mom. Not that I don't think she's beautiful; I just began to really miss my red hair. My first style with the red hair was pin curled waves.

I also began to play a little with a center part, as my bangs grew long enough to give this a go. I enjoyed it a lot, especially with a feminine hair flower. Keep in mind that as of this point, the only cutting that I'd allowed to my hair was a little trim to keep the nape hairs from becoming a bit too 'mullet-y'.

I decided to tackle the pin curl finger waves for a video at this point. The hair had grown quite a bit and I really prefer this look to a traditional water wave because straight hair tends to take to it better.

Headbands become a very handy accessory at this grow-out stage, as the bangs become too long to style without setting.

So that brings us to the bob. And I decided I missed my bangs so I went for that too. I really am enjoying the Louise Brooks thing going on here.

Anyway, that's a six month grow-out for you. It was surprisingly easy and a really fun challenge! I look forward to doing more videos for you as it continues to grow and please let me know if you have questions or concerns about taking the plunge yourself!!



Catherine Urbanski said...

I think because my hair is so coarse and wiry I have an aversion to pixie cuts. Trust me, I had one years and years ago and growing it out was quite traumatic. YOU, however, are made for that pixie. It looked wonderful on you--and as it grew out, you were even more lucky because it still managed to look great. I LOVE the bob much better though. Even though my hair is long and wavy, I've always had a lemming for that perfect bob and you have it!!!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Wow, I love all of the different styles you were able to achieve on such short hair. I've wanted to play with something shorter than a middy for a long time but I was nervous that I'd be stuck with the same hair style every day. Short hair looks so cute on you!

Mimi Zorz said...

Hello Ashley,
I am a big fan of yours, been following your videos since you started and have learned a lot. Recently been trying to find that video where you show an everyday set with perm rods, but I am not able to find it. Could you post the link to that video please. Keep up the good work, you are such an inspiration.x

jewlover2 said...

Mimi, I will have to go back and find one that has an everyday set with perm rods, but I know I use them in my Go Ask Alice video, if that helps?

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