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Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Temptation Tuesday: The Top 5 Items On My Winter (Vintage) Wishlist

Now that winter has officially set in, here in the Southern US, I find myself faced with the very real fact that I need some warm items. Although adding a pretty cardigan and a snazzy pair of tights to a summer ensemble sometimes works well to accommodate the season, lows in the sometimes-20's do require a little more thought. Below are the five items I've had on my wish list for some time, that I finally feel I need to make a concerted effort to obtain. The interesting thing about these items, is that although they're meant to be worn as an outer layer, they very much feel like an elegant ensemble. It's like you are sporting two outfits: one underneath, and one on top. And hey, let's face it, that's fun stuff.

So without further ado, here are the items at the top of my list:

1. A Princess Coat.

Princess coats are fitted and usually long. The 'skirt' of the coat can be either a-line or quite full. They work beautifully over full skirts and lots of layers, but they still nip in the waist, sort of like a belted trench without the belt. Although new ones can be obtained, I still find the best ones to be had are vintage. You can find them quite often in local vintage or thrift shops, and sometimes the fit might be off but an alteration would be well worth the expense. Many times, especially in warmer climates, they were in someone's attic, largely unused, and still in excellent condition. They're usually extraordinarily warm, made of wool, and lined. The lining can be replaced if it's in bad shape.

The coat below is currently available on Etsy, at a hefty price, but I'd wager you can find a similar one at your local shops or estate sales and the seller might not know what they have. I've seen them as low at 15.00!

2. Beautiful Mary-Poppins-ish Boots.

I detest Uggs. I profane of Frye. And I'm bored to tears with riding boots, possibly because I work at a department store where these are all the rage. That said, I surely wished I'd had a pair of boots yesterday when I had to walk in 30 degree temperatures through the streets of an impossibly windy downtown Memphis. And I remembered these from my list of a few years ago. They're discontinued I believe, but they are still available in some places. And this is the style I love to see with a vintage coat or trench. In my opinion, Miss L Fire still carries the prettiest boots, but similar styles can be found elsewhere. The style below is currently offered at a cut rate here.

3. A Plethora of Patterned Tights.

I collect tights, I guess you could say. I have virtually every solid color, thick black fishnets, nude fishnets, argyle, plaid, floral, and striped options. The ones I get the most compliments on are graphic florals. Usually a two toned, somewhat abstract floral pattern, is the most eye-catching. And they add some girth to thin legs so it's a win-win. Sock Dreams has some amazing offerings, so make sure to check them out. Also, department stores have sweater tights and regular microfiber ones at slashed rates after the 1st of January!

4. Felted Wool Hat.

I noticed that cloche style wool hats were on trend this year, in a big way. Make sure to check your local department store for sale items because these can keep your vintage style alive even on the coldest days. If you prefer more of a brimmed hat, Etsy has lots of great milliners who will be happy to oblige. This one stood out to me as a great style for long or bobbed hair particularly.

5. Pretty Gloves.

I have always been the one who gets those cheap-o one-size-fits-all dealios from Wal Mart, and immediately regrets this when it's wet or super cold since they do next to nothing to keep your hands warm in such situations. I did this because I lose gloves so often and was hesitant to spend more than a couple of bucks for them. I have noticed though that when I invest a bit more in a better quality pair, I tend to hold onto them a little tighter. Who'd-a thunk? So find you a pair of pretty gloves that compliment or match your coat and feature fur lined cuffs, bows, or pretty buttons. You'll feel better about hiding your hands! And hey, these have a text-tab too, so you won't have to remove them to play on your phone.

So what are your winter-wishlist items? Share with me! And I hope your 2016 is off to a great start!



Stephanie Ruby Feldman said...

Wonderful...I have much the same wishes.

Michelle Galo said...

A long black wool dress coat is on my long-term wardrobe plan :) Definitely something with a defined waist, if not a full princess, though I would certainly snap one of those up if I found it at a good price! I'm currently keeping an eye out for good-quality cardigans with good detail as well--I've been collecting the cheap ones from Target for years but I'm trying to put a focus on investing in higher quality, longer-lasting clothing.

Love those boots, they're adorable!

Mama K said...

snowpants. I know, they're not particularly lovely to look at, but if they would get me outdoors more in the snow, then they'd probably be a good investment.
and someday for when I'm not playing in the snow: a cashmere-soft coat. The style you chose would be ideal.
Tall boots (calf or knee tall), red ones. They must be red. (I haven't found the perfect pair yet.)
tall woolen socks to go under the boots. LL Bean has some good ones.
an uber-comfy, cushy sweater to keep me cozywarm through the coldest days, in a pretty color.
enough cocoa to last the season.

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