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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Classic Pin Up Hairstyle for Short Hair!

So my hair is growing out really quickly...seriously, every day it's a little different. I think it's interesting because when my hair is past my shoulders, I feel like it takes forever for it to get any longer. Since it's been cut short, the grow-out process is lickety-split! Almost too quick, actually. I wanted to do more 1920's hairstyles before it got past that point, but never got a chance. So maybe someday. Til' then, there are so many great pin up prints that showcase hair at my current length...I mean, check this out-short hair was so en vogue!:

And then there is the lady of the hour, this darling print by Gil Elvgren from 1958:

Styles like this one tend to be pretty easy because they are rarely complicated, so as to translate to a painting. This is no exception. I opted to use my Remington Tight Curls, which aren't the best choice for high humidity environments like mine usually, but they worked out okay in this case. Foam rollers would have been a better option. Either way, prep your hair a bit before you blow it dry with a little setting lotion or mousse.

The Steps:

1. Part Hair on the side. If your bangs form a natural cowlick like mine, then you've got that part of the style well in hand. Otherwise, while your hair is still damp, you'll want to part the bangs so they've got this little bit of separation that you see.

2. Roll all hair downwards, using your rollers or Tight Curls. No method here really, just get it up there.

3. Allow hair to 'process' for about 30 minutes to an hour, if you're using a heated set, or until completely cool. This is imperative for longevity. If you're using a wet set, just make sure your hair is completely dry before unrolling.

4. Unroll and run your hands through the curls.

5. Using your Denman Styling Brush, brush out the curls into fluffy waves.

6. If your bangs were too short to incorporate into the roller set, curl them with a small curling iron. Integrate this into the rest of your style, spraying with your favorite hair spray as you see fit.

7. Lastly, either balance the heavy side of the style out with a hair flower or other accessory, as I did in the video, or use a side comb to secure the side like our painted lady.

And you're done!

As always, if you have any questions or requests, feel free to post them in the comments below. Or better yet, visit the video embedded below by clicking on it and letting it take you to Youtube. Those questions and comments are notified to me via email.

Tim next time, So Long Dearies!!



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