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Friday, August 19, 2011

Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion-Product Review

In an ardent desire to prevent damage to my hair, I have significantly cut down on the amount of heat I use in styling. Whenever I can, I let my hair dry naturally before setting it, and for curls-I tend to opt for a 'wet set' over a heated one. Therefore, a good setting lotion is a must.

You who have been following my Youtube channel for a while, may remember my Lottabody Setting Lotion Review that I did around the time of my Starlet Series.

The one problem I had with Lottabody was that it tended to leave my hair sort of 'crunchy' unless I diluted the heck out of it. Then the staying power seemed somewhat compromised. A gal from Australia (sorry, I forget her name) alerted me to Motions on the Fedora Lounge and I am forever indebted. It's a wonderful product!

'Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion' is a mousse-type setting lotion for wet sets that can be found in the Ethnic sections of most drugstores, here in the States. It has a clean, non-descript scent. When I'm doing a dry, heated set I tend to use my Layrite Grooming Spray to prep my hair before drying and curling it. When I am utilizing a wet set, I usually prep my hair with setting lotion before allowing it to air dry or blowing it dry. THEN I use plain water to re-moisten the hair before I pin curl or roll. If I'm going for a curlier 'do', then I will prep the hair w/ Motions first, and then roll straight from damp hair. Try both ways and see which suits you best!

The result for me is hair soft to the touch that holds curl nearly twice as long.


Video Review:


Lisa said...

I use this stuff, I've found it really gentle and conditioning for my bleach stressed hair and it leaves no crunchy residue. You can get it at Ethnic shops in the UK too. They also do a setting spray which I use to dampen my hair when setting alongside this.

Unknown said...

Your poor sneezy little one!

I might see if I can hunt this down in the UK as it may well work out better for me to set my hair with. My hair just doesn't dry overnight, it's really fine but there's masses of it. So a dry set with just a spritz of water might be worth a go!

Modern Grace said...

Motions is an ethnic brand. They do relaxers and other hair care products for African American hair. I started looking in that aisle because I was fed up with nothing working on dry/frizzy hair. A lot of the products are too heavy for my hair once it's dry, but I'm looking forward to trying this wrap lotion.

anu said...

i really want to order this product but where can i order it.

Unknown said...

I found it WALMART for $3.49!

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