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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Few Words About Coastal Scents

I first heard of Coastal Scents here:

Jodie's review is very succint and very appealing...since I was in the market for inexpensive makeup brushes, I immediate put it in my favorites.

Coastal Scents is an online makeup company that provides some wonderful and inexpensive products that also happen to be great quality! For my first purchase, I bought a few brushes...about five. Every one of them was excellent quality and has held up extremely well after multiple washings. My next purchase was the Coastal Scents 78 palette, which has a vast array of dime-sized colors and several larger sized blushes. There are also larger sized contour and highlighter shades in a neutral selection that would be difficult to use up very quickly. Some of the small colors are matte and some are shimmer but ALL are fabulous. They can be applied eityer wet or dry and the pigment is incredible. Unlike most drugstore eyeshadows (see prior entry), the texture is silky and smoothe; not chalky. The palettes are shiny or matte encased w/ a built in mirror and two crappy little sponge tipped applicators which will no doubt be quickly disposed of. However, the palette only runs about 20.00 plus shipping and is well worth every penny.

I have also ordered a few more things from the company. A lovely eye shadow sparkle dust called 'Lace' which provides the perfect 'cool' neutral and color base, a flat paddle foundation brush w/ synthetic bristles that is perfect for applying liquid foundation, and some cosmetic glitter that was rediculously inexpensive while still being excellent quality. My favorite items of all , however, HAVE to be the black gel liner I received and the angled eyeliner brush. Without those two items, my winged liner would be a joke.

I strongly recommend this company. The customer service is excellent (though some youtubers would beg to differ) and there is always a special little sample with your order. They also have a large variety of mineral products (foundations, bronzers, eye shadows etc.) that are universally pretty well received (makeup alley and youtube) and the new 'hot pot' eye shadow compacts are being compared to MAC by the experts.

*of note: Coastal Scents buys their palettes from overseas (China) and there has been some controversy about the price they ask since technically you can buy these same palettes on ebay for much less. I took advantage of this opportunity when I bought the 66 lip palette in March. The price ended up (after shipping)being about five to seven dollars cheaper than if I had bought the product from CS. That said, I would never do that again. Not only did it take over a month to receive the product, but the lipsticks were damaged during the journey. Coastal Scents would have been happy to make it right, I know, but since this product was sent from China, I wasnt about to bother. Just something to consider.

That's all for now.


Micky said...

From my experience with coastal scents, their costumer service is not always the same. sometimes it's good but sometimes it's not. Plus, there was that issue with Erica Leigh...

NancyPower said...

I really want to try CS but for in in Canada the shipping is ridiculous. I totally understand what you are saying about ebay but for me it is MUCH cheaper to buy it this way. I really want to get some of the palettes so I may have to give it a try!

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