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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Viva Vittles'~ VLV 13 Recap ~ Friday

Friday is usually a restful day for my husband and I, a day to sleep in and lounge around. Not this time! I was honored to be a part of the Viva Las Vegas Fashion show this year, modeling for 'Miss Hussy Clothing', but it also meant that I had to show up for rehearsal at 9:30am. Lulu was also offering her services, as one of the resident makeup artists, so it was really nice to share this exciting occasion with a friend. I pin curled my hair before heading over, and donned another 'day dress', this one from Heartbreaker Clothing.

We were ushered into the empty showroom to receive instructions before heading back to our TINY styling room for hair/makeup. There were no chairs, one tiny bathroom, and to top it off, a German camera crew was there to film the whole thing. They were doing a feature on pin up model LouLou Von Brochwitz who was one of the gals in the show. So it was CRAMPED, to say the least. But we had fun and made it work. Lu did my makeup for the show and it was ideal for the styles I was wearing. My dress was a lovely daisy print and I opted to do my own hair in a style that would suit both it and the pants I was wearing next. I did my hair in a simple snood style w/ one of my favorite Belle Blossoms, a sweet daisy that lays really flat against the head.

Once everyone was styled sufficiently, we rushed out to the staging area and presented our garments. . I actually preferred the 2nd outfit, a high waisted pant paired with a pink silk blouse. I changed the look of the hairstyle up just a bit by switching to a smaller pink blossom. The show went smoothly and all the gals looked adorable.

I made a video chronicling the preparation here:

After a brief meal w/ friends, and a bit of rest (wait...did we rest at all?)we got dolled up for evening. I really enjoyed this evening. The music was going to be great, what with the Wild Records showcase AND Marti Brom. Marti is phenomenal and her performance did not disappoint.
I was frustrated that her show overlapped the Wild Records Showcase since I was really looking forward to seeing The Caezars and I JUST missed them. Also, Gizelle (one of my favorite female artists) never showed and that was wildly frustrating for me, since I also missed her at Viva 10. However, Don Juan Y Los Blancos rocked the joint in the best way possible. My hair and makeup were a mess by the end of that show.

Tonight was also the night I met Lauren Rennells, one of my obvious heroes. I sang the praises of her book on my channel and also demonstrated some of the hairstyles, to the best of my ability. Meeting her was a really big deal for me.

The outfit of the evening was a simple 'trixie top' from Heartbreaker Clothing paired w/ a Mode Merr 'Perfect Skirt'. I knew I was going to go a little wild w/ the blue and green eye makeup and the blue extensions, so I kept the outfit very simple. I also wore a blue jeweled bracelet/earring set that was given me as a gift.
It was a full day but a fun one!


Toni said...

Oh no you missed The Caezars!! Ah well, maybe next year or maybe you'll make it to the Rave UK this year and see them! Great videos by the way!! :)

Laryssa Herbert said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Everyone is so pretty and the clothes....oh my!

Classic Retro Glamour said...

My, my, my.. Meeting Lauren Rennells, being a part of a rockin' fashion show, hanging out with gorgeous models backstage..*giggle* Sounds like heaven!

the infamous rosalee said...

i was in the show too! it was so much fun! i'm glad you enjoyed it as well. i love ALL of your outfits! the show ones and your own!

Temperamental Broad said...

I missed the fashion show again. So sad. But I did see part of Marti Brom but missed part of the Wild Show as well. Argh!! I've never seen Gizelle either but Marlene from the Rhythm Shakers was really good!! Lauren Rennells lives here in Denver and I've met her thru friends but I still dont have her book. AND she had a hair tutorial at a vintage store here and I missed it! Can you believe that?! I suck.

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