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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Viva Vittles'-VLV 13 Recap- Saturday

The Shifter's Car Show is always a welcome respite from the dark and smoky environs of the other weekend events. The weather is usually beautiful and the air, even in the middle of the city, is desert fresh. A long day of looking at cars and shopping the booths is usually all I need to get me back in the 'pink'. This year was no exception. The weather was beautiful and so were the cars.

I wore my favorite Miss Hussy dress to the event, with some trusty Pin Up Girl heels from a few years ago and a bright green spider orchid in my hair.

So many beautiful cars showed up this year. I am especially drawn to trucks. I love a fully restored, slightly lowered late 40's/early 50's truck.
I was also pleased to see so many children. Lots of tots showed up for the event, some happy to be there, some obviously drug along by enthusiastic parents. But all of them made me miss my own boys and wish I could bring them along for this one event, at least. Maybe someday.

While I feel that the shopping inside the Orleans was a little less impressive this year, the shopping at the car show was fantastic. I bought my very first Trophy Queen item, a wallet with her signature leopard lining...*drool*. My husband made his one extravagant purchase at the Car Show vendor for Crown Deluxe sunglasses. He has a magical way of holding onto those items that I could never match. I lose sunglasses almost as soon as I buy them...so I usually have a bunch.

Chuck Berry played the Car Show that evening. The crowd was INSANE. I almost panicked. But as you can see from the opening photo of Misty, Lu, and I-we made it just fine. Standing for such a long time is definitely difficult, even though by this point I had changed into more comfortable shoes. I took my shoes off and stood on the warm asphalt for a while myself, but then I saw this gal in front of me, and opted to put them back on.

Chuck Berry is old...he plays all his songs at a significantly slower pace. But in some ways, it takes one back to the roots of rock n roll and I liked that aspect of it.

After Chuck, we headed back to the Vendors for some shopping and that is when I bought my first pair of remix vintage shoes. It was a splurge...my major splurge for the trip. But I wanted a pair of basic wedge sandals, low ones, that could be thrown on when I was attending an event like this one and was tired of walking in heels. I couldn't find a photo but they're black patent, super comfortable, easy to dance in, and they look cute w/ most dresses! So no buyer's remorse here.

That night was Wanda night. I love Wanda Jackson...even now, she reigns supreme as the queen of Rockabilly. It was sad how much warmer her reception here was compared to her welcome at the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. But that's us...we love our queen. :) I was too far away to get pictures but I saw some excellent dancing, for sure!

This night was originally going to be the night for my Whirling Turban, but I decided to save it for tomorrow night. Instead I put on my super supportive Spanx and my Hibiscus Greta dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. The dress is super comfy. I wore some black sandals with it and a huge double Hibiscus blossom in my hair. The makeup was soft pinks on eyes and lips, to keep in the spirit of the thing. While primping in the restroom, I was greeted by some lovely viewers and so here is the result of that!

We had a ridiculously late night that night...we danced, we watched Excellos perform a great set at 2am...the party just kept going and going...


BakeliteBebe said...

I love the recaps! :) You look amazing.

Justice Pirate said...

oh goodness I need to go to car shows again. I used to go all the time until I had my children.

Lisa said...

Lisa, I was at Viva and my friend SJ was getting his haircut at the HiLife Pommade booth, you happened to walk by and I thought "I know that girl from somewheres...ohyeah ONLINE YA DORK!!!" LOL!! Hope you had a blast!!!

Temperamental Broad said...

That girls dirty feet makes me laugh!! My BF hates when girls walk around bare foot!! And I agree about the vendors this yeah. Bleh. Nothing great. Last year I spent my whole budget in the first hour!! Let me know how the Remix's hold up. I want some but wanna make sure they'll last.

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