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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sponsor Salute~ Modcloth and Me

Iam so happy to have Modcloth on board the sponsor boat! I first discovered Modcloth through my 'partner in youtube', Aya of Strawberry Koi Vinage. She wears their items so well that I just HAD to give the site a visit, and I've been a fan ever since. Their pieces range from 20's flair to 80's flash and can be styled to be either modern or retro, as the wearer sees fit.

For those of you new to this company, Modcloth was founded by high school sweethearts Eric and Susan Koger, a couple united in their love for vintage clothing. In addition to offering true vintage items (along with their retro styled pieces), the company makes it a point to be interactive with its customers. There are contests (such as the Diana Camera contest that starts on May 13th) and even a chance for you to 'Be the Buyer' , which provides an opportunity for fans of the site to have a say in what items the store will carry! Even when I am severely short of funds, I enjoy browsing their site and putting together outfits in my head. I especially love the exciting names they give their items, thus giving each garment a personality all its own. Below is a photo of one of my favorite dresses currently on the site, affectionately named 'The Vanilla Bean Dream Dress'. Scrumptious!

Don't forget to check out the site for many other great clothing, swimwear, and accessory options. You can also put in your 'two cents' by keeping in touch w/ this personable company on Facebook, Twitter, and the Modlife Blog. In their own words, 'They want to be the fashion company you're friends with'.


the infamous rosalee said...

*squeal!* i LOVE modcloth!!!

Justice Pirate said...

I have bought a few of their items myself. I prefer vintage clothing, but I do own 3 of their dresses and am a part of their modsquad. Glad you have sponsership from them!!

Anonymous said...

It's great!!..........................................

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