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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday~ Modern Pin Up Hairstyle~ Flat Reverse Rolls

I received a request some time ago to accomplish a look that included reverse rolls, such as these sported by the lovely Lindy Sue. These are a variation of traditional Victory Rolls, in that they tend to lay flatter against the top of the head, thus hiding the opening of the barrel curl from view, at first glance. The hairstyle is what I consider a 'modern pin up' hairstyle. Victory Rolls were rarely seen in this position, during the 1940's, and therefore the placement is a large part of that contemporary look. With brightly colored hair extensions, the hairstyle immediately develops an 'edge'. It is meant for you ladies with bangs. If you don't have bangs, try creating one with a rat. You could also do this w/out bangs but keep in mind that the appearance can be very 'hornlike' without proper placement.

You will need:
Hot Rollers or Curling Iron (1/2 inch barrel)
Vented Brush
Flexible Hold Hair Spray
Strong Hold Hair Spray
Bobby Pins
Colored Extensions if desired

To achieve this look, make sure to start with hair that has been curled by an iron or a hot roller set. Cold sets will provide a more structured curl that tends to become very solidified and 'vintage', upon brushing out. Not necessarily what we're after here. We want to roll all hair downward, so that the curls do not spiral and produce a 'waterfall' effect. Keep your smallest rollers confined to the area that will form the rolls and reserve larger or medium sized rollers for the bottom.

The remaining steps are as follows:
1. Hair was set with a middle part. When curlers are cool, release the hair carefully. Brush thoroughly with a vented brush. Bend at the waist and brush upside down so as to get as much volume from the set as possible. Spray lightly with a flexible hold hairspray.

2.Section off all hair forward of the ear on one side. Tease the back of this section and spray lightly w/ a high hold spray. Carefully twist this into a pin curl facing backwards. It doesn't need to be sleek and perfect. Pin the section with bobby pins aiming towards the floor.

3. Repeat on the other side making sure to keep the height of the rolls symmetrical and the back of the roll as clean as possible. Spray the rolls well with a High Hold Hairspray.

4. Lightly brush the bottom and add more curl or colored extensions if desired. Spray the entire style with your flexible hold spray.

This was my version:

You can also see the full tutorial here, which includes tracks by Laverne Baker:


Lolita Haze said...

This is one look I can't master. Hopefully I will be able to get it somewhat nice by doing it your way. :)

Tart Deco said...

Brilliant! This is the hairstyle I used for my wedding, but I added two smaller more traditional victory rolls in the front, then left some space (for my vintage 50s bandeau hat), then did the flat rolls. Let's just say it rocked the house.

Thanks for the tutorial!

Lauren. said...

Lindy Sue. :)

mama grubbs said...

i did this the other day! i have lavender in my hair and it looked awesome!

Red Tears Black Wings said...

I think the only way this could be better is to have pictures to show what you're doing in each step.

badmittens1 said...

adorable ;-) you make it look so easy

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