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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday~ 'Pastoral Pigtails' for the Animated Angels Series

I have every intention of keeping this blog filled with more information than simply a rundown of what is currently on my Youtube channel. The movie reviews and event reviews will definitely be posted more frequently as the summer progresses, as well.

So without further ado...this week's tutorial. I try to do at least one installment of the 'Animated Angels' series per month. This week's entry was my version of a look inspired by the lovely Centauress above, from the Disney film Fantasia. I have always loved the Pastoral portion of the film and the way that mythology was handled in such an inherently 'disney-esque' manner. My favorite part of the tableau was the one dealing with the lovelorn Centaur/ Centauress population of this fictional world.

The look is actually pretty wearable and would be perfect for a daytime event or (dare I say it?) a visit to a theme park! It is also extremely simple to achieve.

The makeup is soft and young, focusing on whimsy rather than drama. Bright shimmery blues surround the eyes and the winged liner still lends it that touch of 1940's Pin Up, that was a common thread among the Centauress ladies in the film. Shimmery cheeks and pale pink lips finish the look.

For the hair, I opted to retain the look of bangs, which is in keeping with other females of the Pastoral segment of the film. Bangs were, after all, quite popular in the early 40's, though a bit fluffier than mine are currently styled. For a more literal interpretation of the style in question, you could part the bangs in the middle while still damp, aim them away with a good gel (I like Layrite High Performance Gel), and curl and twist them back to blend w/ the braid. After setting my hair with hot rollers, I softly braided each side until just even w/ the ear, securing with an elastic. I left the ends of the braids curled and loose to give it an extra feminine flair.

I rarely wear bows in my own hair, preferring flowers as my principal accessory. So I finished off the style with two magnolia clips. As always, a video tutorial is available here:


Brittanie said...

That is my FAVE part of fantasia.. Can't wait till my mini has a little bit longer hair to pull this off!

Eirin said...

Absolutely adorable!!! I had to check out the scenes from this movie, since I saw it many, many years ago. Just love it!!!! Many hairstyles to get inspired from.

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