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Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sponsor Salute~Modcloth~"Getting 'the Boot'!"

Boots are always a staple of cold weather fashion and I, for one, am a huge fan! The problem is, most stores offer such generic examples of the footwear. If I see one more pair of Sherpa lined clunkers or pointy toed high heeled numbers zipped up over skinny jeans...I SWEAR! Not that I never wear jeans with boots in the winter...I have a pair of 18-eye Doc Martens that I bought in 1994 that I still wear on hikes and such. They have served me well. But currently, I seldom wear jeans so I've been in the market for a pair of great boots that suit vintage dresses, skirts, high waisted pants, and swing coats-while still looking feminine.

Look no further than Modcloth, ladies! I love their boot selection for several reasons. First, they have a wide variety of styles that are both unique and interesting. Secondly, they carry a range of prices to suit just about every budget.
And thirdly (and this-pardon the pun-is the 'kicker'), so many of their boots will look lovely with your vintage inspired duds! (Incidentally, I also love the little feature they include on the boot's page, suggesting other wardrobe ideas from their site that will go nicely with that item. Since, as we all know, Modcloth clothes are fabulous too!)

If you are into wearing dresses and a-line skirts, don't let the cold weather stop you! Slip on a pair of opaque tights and a coordinating ankle boot, for a sophisticated look that still keeps you warm. If you're wearing an outfit that is largely neutral, patterned tights can give you some extra flair as well!

Taller boots look great with most vintage dresses, as long as the style is slim fitting and keeps the shape of your legs in focus. Try them with a lovely princess seamed coat, scarf, and fur lined cap for some lovely drama on an average work day.

And since I am currently without a perfect pair of boots myself, here is a picture of the GORGEOUS Ulrika (stylista extraordinaire) showing a pair of lace up boots off to their best advantage!

So don't hesitate to click on that link at the right and 'get the boot' for yourself!




jjulie79 said...

especially red boots

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Miss Dollie DeVille said...

I love your blog, so I just gave you a blog award!!! Head on over to my page to see it!


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