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Thursday, August 25, 2011

In the Dressing Room- 'Queen of Heartz'

This installment of 'The Dressing Room Series' is dedicated to Queen of Heartz, an LA based clothing line created in 2001 by vintage enthusiast Letty Tennant. Queen of Heartz sets themselves apart through use of 'fine fabrics, and perfection of construction-both important to obtain a true vintage look'.

In browsing through the easy-to-navigate website, I noticed that the majority of the dresses and separates are in the style of the 1940's and 1950's, with a few 1930's touches thrown into the mix. The company also offers a lovely selection of wedding dresses and swimwear. Shipping is available worldwide, though what you pay will be dependent on order total and location.

Pricing is standard of high quality vintage inspired clothing, dresses ranging from 80.00 to 200.00, depending on style and availability. Prices are indicative of quality and to this I can personally attest. All of the dresses I received were extraordinarily well made, constructed of high grade fabrics.

Dress #1, The 'Ruca', is a a 40's style cocktail dress featuring a wide surplice neckline and cris-cross panels at the hips. There is also a lovely sequin applique at the shoulder that accentuates the neckline and the stretch satin fabric. The fit is conservative but body-conscious. I did not notice that there was a significant amount of stretch in the material, however, so make sure to check the measurements before ordering. I feel that the fit is very flattering, especially since the panels at the hips draw attention to the waistline. On the model, the panels do lay much flatter than they do on my own body type, therefore this could be a drawback for someone who is more conscious of their mid-section. It retails for 120.00 and is available in several shades.

Dress #2 is the Rosa, a sexier 'wiggle-style' dress constructed of stretch satin as well, and available in a variety of colors. The one I received was a lovely shade of ivory that would be very flattering to deeper skin tones. It is cut with a much slimmer fit than the Ruca, but features a gorgeous gathered bust and rosette detail that will enhance a smaller chest area.
The pockets at the waist are an interesting architectural detail but again, may draw attention to the waistline in a way that may be off-putting to some. While the fit is not as conservative as The Ruca, it is undeniably a beautiful dress, retailing at 144.00.

Dress # 3, 'The Holiday', is a great option for dancing dolls. It features a full swing skirt with no skimping on the fabric and a lovely rosette detail at the slightly dropped waistline. The stretch cotton sateen is a comfortable choice, providing a breathability that will withstand even extreme climates. The neckline is a modest draped halter style with a winged accent at the bust. I found that the sizing was again accurate, although the bust does seem to press down a little and could cause some concern to those who aren't blessed in that department. The dropped waist also causes a few fit issues for me since I am by nature short-waisted...but this is something that could easily be altered and would be worthwhile for such a timeless piece. The dress definitely would benefit through use of a crinoline, to further accentuate the waist. It retails for a sale price of 120.00, currently.

Final Thoughts:
Queen of Heartz is an excellent option for vintage inspired fashion that isn't run-of-the-mill. The garments are very well crafted and well planned, providing a great wardrobe option for vintage enthusiasts and classic style alike. So click on that purty little link on the right, in my Sponsor column, and shop around the site for a while!



vintage_kitten said...

you look fabulous in all the dresses.great video.queen of heartz has such pretty things.Love your hair.x

Angelia said...

Great company! I have some dungarees from them & they are very nice, fit well too! Thanks for the review:)

MzVamp said...

I really love all those dresses and the "Rosa" reminds me of a photo that my grandmother took in the 40's in which she was wearing a similar style to that dress! Definitely would like to get a few dresses for myself.

Ivory Kohl said...

I followed your youtube video here to your blog. I love your new segment for vintage fashion, so great to see the dresses in motion! Your blog looks amazing. I LOVE the first dress, but I have small shoulders, and I adore the last dress, such a classic look! New website bookmarked in my Honey-please-buy-me folder.

Up Toon Girl said...

That last dress looks so good on you!

I always tend to steer away from the more fitted dresses as I'm also suffering from post-baby belly syndrome so I'm really self conscious about it. It's really refreshing to see dresses like that on a more normal figure than the model shots usually give us. Maybe I should give that dress shape more of a try after seeing them on you!

meg said...

Ahh, a fellow short-waisted gal! I 100% understand the fit issues. At 5'10", I have a crazy high waist. Yes, my legs do go all the way up...to my neck. Pfft! (That last dress is pretty adorable on you, Ashley...) ; )

PuppyLovePrincess said...

i LOVE that veryveryvery first dress (the one that's shown in the actual ad.) it's so pretty!

also love the model's sunglasses :)

Bee Townsend said...

I too found your blog through your YouTube Channel.

What a wonderful goldmine of vintage information you are! I have recommended your videos to my friends who are just discovering the vintage look and I even found myself telling the lady at the local hair product store that you were the go-to-gal on YouTube for hair tutorials when she asked how I recreate vintage styles without going to a hair-dresser haha!

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