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Friday, September 2, 2011

Doing the 'Whirling Turban' Happy Dance!

So perhaps you've heard the rumors...the ones that I spread myself. Lisa Freemont Street is joining forces with her very favorite online company for vintage reproduction clothing...Whirling Turban! See that pretty little link over there in the right hand column under the word 'Affiliates'?

Let me tell you a little about this company. I posted a blog entry to Whirling Turban a while back, describing my experience with my custom dress as I stepped along through the process. When I received my dress, I posted the following video, showcasing some of the details and featuring a simple hairstyle that I felt complemented it.

Katherine Robinson is the owner of Whirling Turban and she puts her personal touch on every dress that leaves the Bali based shop. The shop has only about a dozen expert employees and operates largely by natural light...a small touch that I felt was really special. You must see the video on their home page to see how lovely the work environment seems to be.

Katherine was a seamstress in Hollywood and KNOWS how to craft an expertly fitted dress from a distance. She offers these services at only a fraction of the price that most stateside companies could afford, and therefore your experience with Whirling Turban may end up being the closest thing to movie-star attention that you'll ever have. The fabrics are all chosen deliberately, with special attention to quality and beauty.

While custom dresses have always been the main focus of the company, Katherine knows that many ladies can't afford the extra touches so she is broadening her business and opening up a lot more options for those of you searching for 'ready to wear' items in the Whirling Turban Boutique. Items here are undergoing a 'mark down' that will make these things more affordable for the average gal...and the custom stuff? Well it's getting a bit of a revamp as well.

From now on, the majority of Katherine's custom skills (excluding small alterations to boutique items) will go into her fabulously gorgeous wedding dresses! The dresses
are droolingly perfect...unlike anything you will ever see a traditional bride on 'Say Yes to the Dress' try on. These gowns are couture one-of-a-kind masterpieces that any bride can be proud to wear. Not only that, but Whirling Turban has also opened up an affordable option for Bridesmaid dresses so that your bridesmaids can wear complimentary dresses to yours without having to shell out the big bucks! This option features a wing bust, full skirt, and can be dyed to match any color you like! Plus, it starts at only 199.00 including shipping!

So where do I come in? Well, as a blog affiliate, if you click on the tab to the right and buy a dress, I'll get a commission. However, that wasn't enough for me-a long time fan of the company! So I am terming my association with Whirling Turban as 'Active Affiliate'. This means that I not only get the standard blog commission but I am assisting in thei inquiry process as well! I will be assisting brides through custom designing their dresses (my favorite part!) and helping buyers decide which boutique options may work best for their body type. Katherine is walking me through all of the particulars because, as most of you know, I do NOT sew. But I'm hoping to lend my styling sensibilities to this collaboration and help make Whirling Turban THE place to go for custom wedding and special event dresses!

I'm so excited, as you can tell. However, I want to assure all of you that this does mean that I am going to bombard you with sales pitches on Youtube or that I am abandoning my new 'Dressing Room' series in favor of a slew of Whirling Turban videos. Katherine is a specialist, which means she focuses her attention on authentic reproduction 1940's and 50's styles with specific pattern details. There are things she doesn't carry that other companies do; and I intend to continue to alert you to other businesses that offer retro inspired clothing. Lisa Freemont Street on Youtube will continue to provide you with free beauty tutorials and product reviews.

But I hope all of you will share my positivity in this new step forward and keep Whirling Turban in mind for your next vintage dress!



Anonymous said...

SO excited! I will be getting married in the next year or so and would LOVE to get a Whirling Turban dress!

iLiveinmyLab said...

Congratulations! The Whirling Turban ladies are absolutely wonderful!!! I have bought several dresses through the boutique and they are all outstanding! I'm hoping to snag another one soon. I'll have to use the link via your blog when I do!

Kim Bombshell said...

I'm so excited for you! Katherine is brilliantly talented! She is also an amazing person. I personally own over a dozen Whirlingturban dresses, and know, that no other reproduction company can compare. Her dresses are the "Rolls Royce" of reproduction dresses. Congratulations!

VintageLovingMom said...

Yay, that's awesome! I love Whirling Turban's line and can't wait to get my hands on one of their dresses!

TheCookieJarvis said...

I am a long time follower of your blog but have never posted a comment before. This news is so exciting that I just couldn't resist! I am currently in the process of creating my custom wedding dress with Whirling Turban and I could not be more impressed with their attention to detail - I have complete confidence that this dress will be a dream. They recently updated the process of communication for custom dresses and this has been very helpful as well. I got to speak with Katherine and it is clear that she knows her vintage and how to fit to flatter!

Also, love the blog, especially your wonderful tutorials!

Corinna said...

What a fantastic opportunity; Congratulations!!!

Wallie said...

YAY!!!! Congrats! :D

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