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Audrey Hepburn

Monday, November 18, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter- I Finally Have An Opinion

As a vintage enthusiast living in a modern society, I embrace new products that make a vintage aesthetic easier, as youknow. But I also am a late-thirties lady, and I find that wearing my favorite authentic red lipsticks can be a bit more tricky these days. The main cause of this is that naturally, over the course of time, the lips can start to develop tiny (mostly) undetectable lines that cause red lipstick to feather. My lips also tend to get very dry when I wear a normal matte formula for any length of time.

A cream lipstick is a more desireable option, and Nyx Snow White is my favorite red lipstick of this formula, but if your lips tend to chap, a cream lipstick is usually too slick to provide any kind of real hydration, and therefore wearing red lips in the winter can be especially difficult.

Revlon Lip Butters have, for the reasons above, become my lip color of choice for everyday use. Especially in cooler weather.

They have a great balmy quality but provide excellent color pay-off, for the most part, and the reds are just lovely. They make my lips feel plump and soft as they wear off so there's none of that drying effect of a highly pigmented lipstick, and the finish is very forgiving, which makes the product easy to apply. I always recommend it to maturing ladies, when they express concerns with feathering red lips in the day time.

One thing I've noticed: Although the Lip Butters are really easy to apply, they don't go on at full color after just one swipe. I usually put two coats on, to get my best color result.

Of the ones I've tried, my favorites so far are Red Velvet (a mulberry red), Cherry Tart (a true red), Candy Apple (a bluer red), and Juicy Papaya ( a pinky coral).

So although the jury was 'out' a very long time on these things, I'm definitely a fan now.



Maire Sublime said...

One thing I really love about Revlon Lip Butters are that they wear off easily and don't stain!

I tend to eat a lot of salads either at work or on my day off when I wear lipstick and I swear I'm not a piggy, but the oils in dressing can make red lipstick difficult to wear! I really love that I can wipe off the lipstick easily and reapply just as easily without any weird "glow"!

Adi. said...

My lips are always sensitive to lipstick because they dry out/ crack my lips very quickly. What I usually do is put on a good, organic lip balm and apply my lip tint above. The color fades nicely and reveals really healthy lips because of the lip balm.

I use Lush cosmetics "It Started With A Kiss" red lip tint. The color is as strong as a lipstick so a little goes a long way.


Miss Rosette Brune said...

thanks for this post,
very helpful,

Chiara T. said...

Thanks for this review because I heard a lot on Revlon but nobody of my friends still buy it!

Your new follower,
Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

bookyeti said...

I love these things!!! I have 5 in different shades (I think the Juicy Papaya is my fave for everyday wear and my skin tone). So moisturizing!

Jessica said...

A good tip for all day use is to colour your lips with your lip liner then top with your lipstick. The pigment is great and it should last all day.

OdetoMrs.KatzCohn said...

I love these but always stuck with light pinks because I didn't know which red to try. Now I know! Thanks. :)


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