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"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cover-It-All This Winter!

Now that Winter has finally settled in here in Tennessee, it's inevitable that the cold-weather-friendly clothing options come out. I'm not a fan of cold weather fashion in general...I get depressed in the chilly dampness of this southern winter. But there are some things I love about the season and one of these is COVER-ALLS! Coveralls and overalls are different in that the former is meant to be worn over your clothing instead of alone. It might be a familiar thing to those of you who work in the automobile industry or the like.

Ladies who went to work to support the war effort in the 1940's were known to wear coveralls while they were on the job and keep their hair out of the way with a snood or scarf so that it could be let loose for a evening on the town. Not that all working women were single, but those who were did not allow the situation of the world to prevent them from dancing the night away!

For super cold winters, the old fashioned style of coverall is still available for hard workers who need clothing protection and warmth. But for a simple style choice that is also utilitarian, My Baby Jo offers an adorable option that is thin enough to dance in, but thick enough to provide some cozy coverage:

They're adorable with Chucks, Oxfords, or heels and compliment all sorts of vintage hairstyles and accessories. Owner Darla was wearing a pair at Viva Las Vegas a couple of years ago and she looked so comfortable and at ease the entire time...I was instantly a fan and decided to invest in a pair myself. Unfortunately, I've as yet been unable to acquire them, but they're again at the top of my list.

For more 'one-piece' winter friendly options, consider classic denim overalls and jumpsuits! My favorite denim options are by Freddies of Pinewood. They're extremely authentic to the era and have a flattering feminine fit.

Queen of Heartz also makes an adorable pair with some stretch it them. They're perfect for those of you who appreciate the addition of a little 'support', in that regard.

Jumpsuits are also making a comeback, even in popular culture. Katniss was seen sporting a fashionable one in the movie Catching Fire, and I couldnt help but wish I had it:

But for a sexier version, don't overlook Whirling Turban! This amazingly crafted jumpsuit worn here by model Mosh, is the bombshell take on Katniss' look. It features a warm bodysuit underneath, a stunning pair of heels, and a striking belt at the waist.

Winter doesnt have to get you down! With 'cover-alls', you don't even need a lot of foundation garments to make them super feminine and seasonally appropriate.



Krissy Gala said...

Oh my goodness! When I saw Katniss' jumpsuit all I could think was... "I want that" I loved it!

VintageinSC said...

Do you know if the coveralls from Queen of Heartz are discontinued? I checked their website and couldn't find them :(

OdetoMrs.KatzCohn said...

I still have a pair of Gap overalls from the '90s that I just love. Not really vintage though. Yours look adorable!


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