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Monday, December 2, 2013

Victoria-A Whirling Turban Testimonial

In working as a consultant for Whirling Turban, I get to follow brides from the idea of their wedding dress, all the way through to its completion. Most of those brides have something remarkable to share about their dress or wedding vision, and if we are really fortunate, we are treated to gorgeous photos like these after the event has passed. These things are what keep our designer Katherine motivated, as well as the rest of the team, and that's why I feel sharing these testimonials with all of you is important. Although ordering a dress online can be intimidating, hopefully stories like this one will help you look into companies like Whirling Turban as a viable option for fulfilling your vintage wedding dreams.

As told by: Victoria Foss
From: Dorset, UK

My husband's name is Neil Foss and we met at a mutual friend’s party, at the age of 17. After getting on very well and meeting on a few more occasions, he invited me to his school prom and that's when we started dating. We married on June 18th 2013 at the age of 30!

The Proposal
I was never bothered by weddings and never wanted to get married, but one sunny summer day Neil and I were sitting in a pub garden enjoying a glass of wine while discussing the idea of a big road trip holiday in the USA. I jokingly suggested getting hitched in Vegas and we both agreed how fantastic and different that would be, but (it seemed) we both soon forgot about the idea and continued with our normal lives.

However, unbeknownst to me, Neil continued to consider the idea and a couple of months later, he served me breakfast in bed for my birthday, and on the tray was a little box containing a beautiful ring! Neil isn't great with words and never actually 'asked' me to marry him, but he casually brought up the conversation about getting married in Las Vegas. It was lovely and the ring was a beautiful diamond in an art deco clasp chosen all by himself, which he had already had fitted to my size by carrying one of my rings to the jewelers.

My Wedding Vision:
Given that it was to be a Vegas wedding, and with my love of everything vintage, I needed to find a vintage reproduction dress. I searched the web and found Whirling Turban... and that was it. I was in LOVE with their website. Nothing else I saw gave me that feeling,and I thought the dresses were quite unique! I also found out that they were couture dresses that were sewn to fit your every curve. This made the idea very personal and special to me.

I picked the Suzie's Cream Puff dress because I felt that it was less traditional and I really loved the gold fabric and puff bodice. I just thought it was beautiful.

My Dress Experience:
I was really worried, to begin with, that ordering a dress abroad would be a disaster in the waiting. I expressed my concern in an email before placing my order and was extremely impressed with the help I received from the team. The ordering process was very professional with a user friendly and easy-to- understand ordering page that kept you informed and up-to-date with the progress of your dress. They don't just make you a dress; they advise you on all the fine details too, for example the underwear you will need, to enhance the dress's full potential. The team were superb in their response time and made me feel reassured and confident, even when I ordered a second dress that I wanted for after the wedding. They said they could deliver it to me in time, and I was over the moon when I received the dresses on the exact date that they said to expect them!

I carried my dress around in its box, showing everyone! I was so happy with it! It fit so perfectly; I adored it. My mother and mother-in-law came to visit one night before we left for the states to see me in my dress, as they were not to be at the wedding. It was a very special day :)

I tell everyone about my lovely dress and experience; also I encouraged my friend Alex to buy her wedding dress from Whirling Turban. She has ordered the fishtail dress, which is stunning!

To cut a long story short, Whirling Turban wants you to look good and love your dress! And you will!

To follow the rest of Vickey and Neil's USA road trip adventure, visit their blog here.


Roxie Roulette said...

Lovely story and stunning dress! Thanks for sharing!

Tara said...

This is a lovely post! That cream puff dress is just gorgeous! I really like the detail on the bust! And I love those wedding photos! So breathtaking! I recently bought my first Whirling Turban, the Blue Luxe Metallic 2 piece sarong dress, and I love it!

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